2 Ounces for $300

$560.00 $300.00

Pick Any 2 Strains of Your Choice:

Each Strain Comes with 28 Grams of Premium Flower:

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Choose any 2 ounces and get them for $150 each! Act now and get the strains of your choice before they are all sold out. Selection is limited so hurry up and buy now!

263 reviews for 2 Ounces for $300

  1. Steveo (verified owner)

    Picked this deal up on 4/20 got 2 free Gs and double point thanks again HA keep up the good work

  2. cyaw (verified owner)

    Beat deal online

  3. iNeedAblast (verified owner)

    Gelato 🙌🏾

  4. 5Chunk (verified owner)

    Simply awesome deal!! Thanks HA 🌿

  5. jasonm_00 (verified owner)

    Solid deal that pops up quite frequently, love it!!

  6. iNeedAblast (verified owner)

    Best deal on HA! Thanks

  7. iNeedAblast (verified owner)

    Thank You, HA!

  8. cazk21 (verified owner)

    Always happy when this deal comes on!!

  9. arjunpurba (verified owner)

    Love this deal, strains are top notch!

  10. George Froese (verified owner)

    Strains are really top notch for the price point. Great deal👍

  11. Joelbeatty20 (verified owner)

    I have always had consistency from this site

  12. Blflannery (verified owner)

    Amazing deal!

  13. pellyz36 (verified owner)

    Love this deal!!

  14. SJAKCuzyy (verified owner)

    Great freaking deal I’ve purchased it multiple times.

  15. Jethigher (verified owner)

    Nice strains

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