Vaporizer Battery (Pyro Extracts)

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Pyro Extracts Vaporizer Battery

Each Order Includes 1 Vaporizer/Battery

NOTICE: To change the voltage level on the battery, turn it on and then click 2 times. The battery LED indicates voltage level: 3.4V Purple; 3.7 Blue; 4.2V Red.

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Pyro Extracts Vaporizer Battery

Each Order Includes 1 Vaporizer/Battery

NOTICE: To turn the battery on and off click the button 5 times in quick succession – the button light will then flash 3 times to confirm the action


59 reviews for Vaporizer Battery (Pyro Extracts)

  1. somethingsfishie (verified owner)

    Definitely the best battery yet. Used many different ones. Never had one last so long between charging. Small handy fits in you pocket. I will never use another battery other then this one. Easy to use. A MUST buy if you smoke carts.

  2. hasanbaig027 (verified owner)

    The battery is very good . Easily fits on your pocket .

  3. charlie.massie.beaule (verified owner)

    Best battery and very beautiful

  4. 420flowerchild (verified owner)


  5. beachbunny (verified owner)

    Handy for the size but broke after my second cartridge.. fair for 15$

  6. caradouglasheintz (verified owner)

    Not a bad little battery! Holds charge for several days for me. Good Temps. The pre-heat is nice too!

  7. eastcoast12348 (verified owner)

    Had some issues with the charge and fitting the cartridge in. But it ok for the price. I personally prefer the pen style.

  8. kd_murphy (verified owner)

    Hey guys. Over the years I have owned lots of vapes. Several Flyte/Key/Bob brand, I have A hooti one (hooti one is great), I have a yocan Evolve Plus, and 1 from another site that I ended up giving away to somone.
    This pyro one is by far my favorite. When I first got it It didnt seem to be working. Turns out I just needed to tighten up the cartridge more. Be aware of that as instructions say “Do not overtighten” on the box…. After I got it figured out I quickly found out it Is my favorite. First off the shape and size is better for me as it fits perfectly in my hand and easy to hide. 3 heat settings which is awesome. The best part is the battery seems to last way longer then any of the others. Ive been through 1.5 G of distillate with it so far and Highly rec omend it

  9. Nnajm (verified owner)

    Works good , And pretty cheap

  10. bradenisthename (verified owner)

    Such a nice convenient sized battery, great because black for discrete tok

  11. ManitobanMiltoner (verified owner)

    This was a throw-in with a combo pack a few months ago, and it is so awesome and efficient that I have bought 2 rounds of carts to keep using it. More discreet, and better quality than any ‘pen’ i’ve seen.

  12. exciteastro (verified owner)

    Very, very compact. Good quality. The picture does not do justice to the actual size of this battery. With a cart in the battery it will fit within your palm. Packaging is also well done. All and all the best vape pen i could find right now for under 20 dollars. Would recommend.

  13. novaya (verified owner)

    first time using this type of thing and found it straightforward and easy. very compact!

  14. clara (verified owner)

    Very nice little battery, perfect to carry in your pocket or purse. Charge is kind of short but it’s expected from smaller batteries.

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