2 Ounces for $350

$550.00 $350.00

Pick Any 2 Strains of Your Choice:

Each Strain Comes with 28 Grams of Premium Flower:

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Choose any 2 ounces and get them for $175 each! Act now and get the strains of your choice before they are all sold out. Selection is limited so hurry up and buy now!

39 reviews for 2 Ounces for $350

  1. alextok2013 (verified owner)

    great mix and match options, always new strains available. great value when higher qaulity strains are offered

  2. MorningStar (verified owner)

    Always love a mix and match

  3. Taylor (verified owner)

    Great deal on awesome buds

  4. jap4420 (verified owner)

    I got tangerine dream , good uplifting high . And Afghan Kush nice indica buzz

  5. salticid123 (verified owner)

    Purple voodoo was REALLY purple and dragons breath was super smooth

  6. Hunter3 (verified owner)

    Great deal! Doubble Doubble!!

  7. wdskvideo (verified owner)

    you just cant beat these prices and on top of that…. for such high quality. amazing place!

  8. KILLININTHE416 (verified owner)

    Hard to beat a deal like this. The buds on offer are great and never disappoint. Keep it up Herb Approach. One love!

  9. darrylroy (verified owner)

    Good deal

  10. Casper247 (verified owner)

    more selection and better strains would be nice but all round a good deal

  11. Rou (verified owner)

    Love that there are package deals but its still not a killer deal when other places offer the same for less. More options to choose from would be cool too!

  12. Griffy478 (verified owner)

    The rejected my review last time. There are way better deals than 2-350$
    Other illegal places are 4-400$
    The Platinum bubba was hard as a rock. And I got seeds out of the 9lb hammer I bought last time. Won’t be buying again

    and today there is nothing to choose from.
    Either sold out or just plain garbage.
    Let’s see if this review makes it in.
    Post the good reviews only ha.. so disappointing

  13. Casper247 (verified owner)

    you just cant beat weed at these prices and such a good selection to choose from.

  14. Casper247 (verified owner)


  15. KILLININTHE416 (verified owner)

    The best deal on the internet. So glad I’m a customer of Herb Approach instead of buying it from Ontario cannabis store. Their prices are sky high and their products are garbage. Never been disappointed by the 2 ounce deal. BUY BUY BUY!

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