9 Pound Hammer

THC 21-24%CBD 0-1%

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9 Pound Hammer hits the nail on the head with its tranquillizing, feel-good indica experience. The effects are heavy and long-lasting, which will stimulate your mind to a euphoria state of happiness.


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9 Pound Hammer Strain Information

Often, you may come across strain names that say “sweet” yet taste sour. That just takes you into a mind-boggling state of mind. Well, in the case of 9 Pound Hammer, you get what you hear! Right off the bat, it’ll knock you out and floor you, as if an actual hammer has hit you on the head. Possessing 80% Indica composition, this hybrid is the child of a love triangle between Gooberry, Jack the Ripper, and Hell’s OG. Its genetics make this strain an extremely heavy hitter. Ironically, it has a sweet candy-like flavor. 

Mind you; this isn’t for you if you’re looking for a boost of energy on an early Monday morning. Instead, if you need hours of uninterrupted sleep immersed in a deep relaxation mode, then this strain is going to hit the nail! 


9 Pound Hammer has a complex aroma profile. It smells like a sweet grape but with some earthy notes. The earthy, incense-like aroma is evidently due to its Indica-dominant nature. Most of the flowers also carry fruity and citrusy notes. 


The fruity aromatic notes of 9 Pound Hammer are evident in its flavor too. It produces a creamy and smooth smoke, so it’s gentle on your throat but not really on the head. It has a blend of sweet and citrusy flavor, somewhat like that of sweet berry lime. The flavor seems to intensify as you exhale your Indica doobie.


9 Pound Hammer plants are primarily light green with subtle purple undertones (usually on their leaves). The buds on this strain are chunky and dense and coated in frosty resin and trichomes. Like most cannabis plants, this strain also has vibrant orange hairs throughout.

9 Pound Hammer Strain Effects

9 Pound Hammer is a true representation of what a real Indica-dominant hybrid is supposed to be like. It hits you hard immediately, with a high that’s often described as happy, uplifted, and euphoric. However, the effects of this cannabis are not as “cerebral” as compared to its full-body effects. The high produced by this strain is extremely long-lasting and heavy. As you continue smoking and the buzz progress, you’ll eventually fall weak in your knees and drift to the land of peaceful sleep. So, you better be near a comfortable couch or bed if you’re blazing up this bad boy.

9 Pound Hammer relaxes your mind and body, and before long, you’ll find yourself in full sedation mode. Due to its heavy sedation effects, many users consider this strain a fantastic medical cannabis option. It may help you deal with depression, insomnia, cramps, pain, migraines, and stress.

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9 Pound Hammer is a cannabis known to provide an incredibly heavy high, but it’ll also hammer any pain or stress out of your system. Buy this heavy hitter Indica strain online today and get ready for the experience of a lifetime!

15 reviews for 9 Pound Hammer

  1. egonbenway

    This one looked like a slightly shaggy dark green kush.
    The buzz is a calm buzzy hydrid… really nearly perfect for some outdoor meandering. Enjoyable

  2. beachbunny

    very nice heavy indica.. extra nice for a sale price

  3. tripaces420

    Sweet buds! Made me super relaxed

  4. umairali26

    Good stuff

  5. annikagravenor

    Legit it hits just like the name lol

  6. nsd1221

    almost like the smoke version of a rufie, literally my mind was aware but nothing else wanted to move

  7. mariepier_22

    knock out for a few minutes ! Good before go to sleep or just for relax.

  8. barbie2371

    Pretty good hit quickly

  9. wjoemacneil

    Like the name suggests this herb is pretty strong. I’ve ordered it twice now. You get a nice rush of effect right away and then you settle into a a couchy-lock feeling. My tolerance is very high but I do enjoy this stuff although it’s not the fun, lively, upbeat kinda high some are looking for. Good at night to watch flicks or just surf the net.

  10. mckay.andrew.74

    awesome smell (almost knocked me over), great taste and one of the best highs I’ve had in a long time. Wish I bought more 😉

  11. MattR

    This was a really great high, perfect for me before bed. really relaxed me and I would def. buy this again. Plus the buds were great. I was just overall really impressed, with this product. thanks HA 🙂

  12. pierrecaron226

    Just like the name says. Great if you want to sleep or be glued to a couch.

  13. MattR

    This was my very first time ordering from this website, and I was very impressed. I really wanted to try this to see if it would help me sleep at night, an d it was successful. Thanks so much for a great product. for sure be ordering this again.

  14. Herbs420x

    Yes most definitely a great tasting bud witch is very sweet and pungent the high is good as well better for day time smoking taste 10/10 smoke 8/10

  15. Gabriel

    good looking buds! great taste and smell overall =)

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