Death Bubba

THC 25-27%CBD 0-1%

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Bow down to Death Bubba! This indica-dominant hybrid packs a punch, with THC levels ranging from 22-27%. In other words, it’s not for the faint of heart! We guarantee you’ve never felt relaxation quite like this. Death Bubba hits hard with powerful, euphoric cerebral effects and a potent body buzz.


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Death Bubba Strain Information

Death Bubba is one heavy Indica strain. It got its infamous name because it can put people into such a deep sleep that it’s even hard to wake you. But really it’s one of the deepest restful slumbers you will ever hold. Its high THC content and incredible Indica properties almost makes it nearly impossible to stay awake while smoking it.

Death Bubba is a big cross of heavy Indica’s such as Death Star and Bubba Kush. With such a hard-hitting lineage, it’s no wonder why this strain is so incredibly popular. That said, it’s not for the faint of heart! With THC levels averaging 22-27%, this dank weed has the effects to make you a loyal fan in no time. If you want a strain that will send you full force into a dreamy slumber, then this is the perfect nightcap.


Death Bubba has a pungent dankness that only adds to the allure of its name. This Indica-dominant hybrid has a musky and earthy aroma with hints of pine.


While many strains taste as they smell, Death Bubba has a hint of lemon to it. That said, it also contains notes of pinene with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste. It’s almost as sweet as the high itself!


In typical BC Bud fashion, Death Bubba is as naturally beautiful as its home province. The buds of this strain display stunning rich shades of green and purple weed. Brown hairs poke out amongst the colourful hues. Besides, a dusting of white trichomes makes these nugs glisten as if coated in tiny diamonds. You may need to break out your weed grinder to bust up these sticky buds.

Death Bubba Strain Effects

The Death Bubba high starts with a euphoric headrush. It will bust through stress and boost your mood to new heights! It also supplies temporary energy that will motivate you to be productive. Still, with its heavy indica qualities, these upbeat, energetic feelings won’t last long!

The indica traits will make your limbs feel heavy yet tingly. Sooner rather than later, you’ll become engrossed by a full-body high. This sensation will spread and calm every nerve in your body with its uplifting feeling. Gradually, your mind will transition from euphoric to introspective.

Eventually, the physical sedation of Death Bubba will take over. When it does, prepare to feel relaxed like never before. Lost in your own thoughts, you’ll have a hard time telling if you’re dreaming or awake. While this debate goes on in your mind, this strain will lull you into a soothing, restful sleep. These drowse-inducing properties make it best suited for nighttime use.

Medically speaking, Death Bubba is great for relieving stress and depression. Its heavy-hitting physical properties knock out pain, muscle spasms and inflammation with ease. Finally, this hybrid is well-known for its sleep-inducing traits. These snoozy side effects make it excellent for treating insomnia.

With its high THC levels, novice users should be careful because it may induce paranoia and anxiety in users with lower tolerances. So, be sure to work your way up with this one and, as always, start low and go slow!



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An Indica-dominant hybrid, Death Bubba is a descendent of the widely-known Bubba Kush strain. One of the most potent strains on the market, this weed will give you a burst of focused energy that will wash over you almost instantly, leaving you feeling euphoric and motivated, with the potential for psychedelic experiences. Death Bubba lulls you into a deep and tranquil sleep that lasts for hours, providing the impression that you cannot be awakened.

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  1. leandro.pablo

    Good stuff.

  2. pthepanda

    Really great strain. Good option for someone rolling small joints for work.

  3. dlb

    Very pleased with this one

  4. keach7

    Loved it will get again!!

  5. jmer54321

    Nice dense resonance buds great for sleep.

  6. MandoLindo

    Very good indeed man

  7. dsian21

    This stuff was so good. Nice deep sleep is what you will get. Best weed I’ve tried so far from Ha and definitely will buy again.

  8. sarahradek

    Definitely a great bud! Got it on a great deal during 420 and sure love the taste!

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