Grape Crush

THC 17-19%CBD 0-1%

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It won’t take long for you to develop a crush on Grape Crush! This indica-dominant hybrid has all the relaxing benefits of an indica. But it also has the euphoria and smoothness of a sativa! Coupled with its delicious flavour and smooth smoke, Grape Crush has it all!


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Grape Crush Strain Information

To say that we have a crush on Grape Crush would be an understatement. We are head over heels in love! Sometimes known as Grape Krush, the infamous DJ Short created this indica-dominant hybrid. It comes from fruity staple Blueberry parents and has THC levels ranging from 10 to 19%. Not only is Grape Crush pretty to look at, but tokers widely love it for its smooth and soothing qualities.

Grape Crush does what its name implies. It crushes stress and tension and replaces them with sedation and euphoria. With its delightful grape fragrance and flavours, it’s sure to make you fall in love, too!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

There’s no denying that Grape Crush is a visually stunning strain! The flowers are typically medium in size. They have a long, almost cylindrical shape. In addition, the lean flowers have a surprisingly sativa-like bud structure, despite Grape Crush being an indica-dominant hybrid. The fluffy leaves are loosely attached to the stems. The leaves themselves are the crowning glory of Grape Crush! Typically, they are a beautiful combination of lustrous green with captivating dark purple hues. Finally, Grape Crush has a coating of wispy white trichomes to compliment the vivid flowers. They also account for how sticky it is to the touch.

As a descendant of Blueberry, the Grape Crush is mouth-watering and enticing. It releases a pungent and sweet aroma of berries and juicy, slightly sour grapes. This strain also has a strong chemical smell. Grinding up the buds unleashes a hashy and spicy odour.

The taste is equally delicious and refreshing! The Grape Crush smoke is smooth and tastes herbal with citrus and berry notes. Its flavour is almost tea-like on the exhale. If you’re looking to hide your high and lay low, you’ll need to be careful when smoking Grape Crush. It’s a particularly pungent strain but well worth it!

The Grape Crush high is slow to build. It may take up to 15 minutes after toking on the delicious smoke to feel the effects. However, when you do, you’re in for a treat! First off, you may experience a slight tingle near your eyes and temples. Then, your limbs and eyelids may start to feel heavier.

Yet, the Grape Crush high isn’t necessarily couch-locking. The cerebral effects can range from uplifted euphoria to trippy distortion in visual and auditory perception. In this way, Grape Crush might not help you focus, per se, but it will help you forget your worries!

It’s an excellent strain for daydreaming, brainstorming and letting your mind wander. As time passes, you’ll likely experience waves of relaxation gently creeping their way from your neck through your core and limbs. In this way, Grape Crush is fantastic for unwinding with your favourite stoner movie and best enjoyed in the evening or at night.

If you’re blazing alone, it’s a fantastic strain for introspection. If you’re puff, puff passing with some pals, Grape Crush is great for being chatty and giggling with like-minded friends. However, if you plan on upping your dosage, you can expect a close relationship with your couch for the foreseeable future.

For medical uses, Grape Crush has multiple applications. First, it’s excellent for temporarily soothing symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety with its uplifting effects. It is also an effective painkiller for chronic pain as well as more menial aches and headaches. When taken in higher doses, Grape Crush can help lull users to sleep, fighting insomnia. Because it is more dreamy than overly cerebral, it’s also an excellent option for tokers prone to panic or paranoia. Finally, it’s also great for tokers with a lower THC tolerance.

Grape Crush Medical Benefits

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Insomnia, Fatigue

65 reviews for Grape Crush

  1. dizzyscene

    This stuff is tasty! I like how it smells and burns. The first batch I had was amazing but the second batch was lower quality. If you can buy it on sale, it’s a great purchase to stock your stash. I find it gives me the giggles but after a few hours it makes you sleepy.

  2. sarahradek

    Loves the taste and the buzz you get. So worth it!

  3. address2me

    Wonderful grape flavour. Would like to buy more once restocked.

  4. realpale

    Very friendly user. Not so intense, just right.

  5. stonygirl

    Great buy!! Nice high.

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