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Herb Approach is proud to introduce all our members to the new DEAL OF THE DAY!

Every day will include a new promotion that is only valid for one day only. Each item is limited to stock quantity so better make sure to get it fast because this sale won’t last!

Today’s promotion features a Pyro 1g Vape Cartridge for only $19.99


1ml Ceramic Cartridges from Pyro Extracts have finally arrived! Enjoy your favoruite vape cartridge with double the amount! Born from the ashes of herbs with fire and flame for the modern connoisseur. Pyro is all about comfortable and modern designs with affordable and high quality extracts. Enjoy Pyro Extracts full-ceramic tanks which have no traces of cotton, heavy metal, or glue!

Each Order Includes 1 Ceramic Cartridge / 1g

NOTICE: These ceramic cartridges are 510 thread compatible. To make these cartridges fit with the original Pyro battery, you need to slide off the protector cap and screw in the cartridge


  • Durban Poison
  • Great White Shark
  • Romulan
  • Mimosa
  • White Rhino
  • Pineapple Express
  • Love Potion #9

735 reviews for Deal Of The Day

  1. brendencarey

    Always great option

  2. braydonsspam35

    Incredible strain but a lil harsh. The effects were moderate and left me quite cooked but felt more like a hybrid then indica

  3. Happy!

    Can never go wrong with the deal of the day!

  4. marcocousin13

    Great prices and fire loud!!

  5. marcocousin13

    Great prices and fire loud!!

  6. Pandawang

    Always a great deal!

  7. MandoLindo

    Gotta love deal of the day man

  8. Happy!

    Vape cartridges 1/2 price… what a deal!

  9. 420flowerchild


  10. kd_murphy

    Herb approach is so awesome. Keep up the good work!

  11. colevdb94

    Honestly the best thing of HA, Love the Daily Deals!!

  12. beachbunny

    Herb Approach blessings

  13. beachbunny

    Herb Approach blessings

  14. gdonli88

    there are so many places and websites you can purchase cannabis products from now a days but what stands out about Herb Approach is their astounding customer service and on top of that you get greats deals and a point system! Being a loyal 3 year+ customer, I will it say again. There is no better place to purchase your cannabis products! Thank you Herb Approach, you guys are awesome!

  15. Yordop

    Always a great deal!

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