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Mayan Hash medallions are made with compressed trichomes (kief) and compacted with immense pressure and heat. Mayan hash is denser than traditional forms of hash and will keep for longer.

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Herb Approach is proud to introduce all our members to the new DEAL OF THE DAY!

Every day will include a new promotion that is only valid for one day only. Each item is limited to stock quantity so better make sure to get it fast because this sale won’t last!

Today’s promotion is featuring a gram of Mayan Hash for only $15!

Each container has 1 gram of Hash


Mayan Hash medallions are made with compressed trichomes (kief) and compacted with immense pressure and heat. Mayan hash is denser than traditional forms of hash, and will keep for longer.

Wondering about how to smoke hash? Smoking hash is easy, and it can be done in a variety of ways. The simplest method is to breaking off and smoking a piece of hash in your bong or pipe. You can smoke the hash as-is, or with a bit of flower.

Hash can also be enjoyed in a joint. To twax your joint with hash, simply roll a joint as you usually would and sprinkle some hash down the length of your spliff before rolling it up.

Hash can also be easily dabbed or vaped. If you’re an old-school toker, you can even use the tried-and-true method of using hot knives to heat up your hashish.

No matter how you choose to enjoy your hash, the experience will undoubtedly be tasty, potent, and have you coming back for more!

612 reviews for Deal Of The Day

  1. eastcoast12348 (verified owner)

    Love the daily deal

  2. moalisiddiqui2 (verified owner)

    Honestly, the best Combo Deals ever. Got some of the Purple Voodoo in 28g, Nepalese Temple Hash 1g, and a Sugar Jack’s Chocolate Chip Cookie. These guys are legit @ HA. Best money spent.

  3. Kh6394 (verified owner)

    $135 for an ounce is amazing! AAA quality! 🙂

  4. goneill76 (verified owner)

    haven’t tried. ounce for $136. if it’s what they say it is I’ll be happy.

  5. ragwon88 (verified owner)

    Dats that purple drank right there , mouth watering

  6. msinc00 (verified owner)

    Blue Hawaiian, smell was fresh , high was fast & lasted , kush very big buds . Smoked great in the Vocano

  7. msinc00 (verified owner)

    Exceptional deal , these guys never disappoint. Highly recommended

  8. msinc00 (verified owner)

    Tom Ford # BIG BUZZ , OG Kush fresh smell, smoked smooth.

  9. msinc00 (verified owner)

    Very very good buzz, nice size buds. Easy to smoke. Top drawer .

  10. rjclue (verified owner)

    Great deals found here I’ve purchased many times and will many times more

  11. kd_murphy (verified owner)

    Always amazing value

  12. Rango_99 (verified owner)

    Great way to try new things you wouldnt normally get.

  13. sheldonremillard (verified owner)

    tom ford / pink kush my favorite flavour !!! really good price and quality

  14. calebma57 (verified owner)

    Gotta love the deal of the day!

  15. k (verified owner)

    Best deals in town

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