Master Purple

THC 21-23%CBD 0-1%


Master Purple is a master of all things uplifting and relaxing! Boost your mood as all the stress in your body bids a blissful bon voyage. Do you have pain or tension? Not anymore! From its pretty looks to its delicious smell and flavour, Master Purple will make you fall in love! 


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Master Purple Strain Information

Master Purple is pure magic! It will make your stress, pain and bad mood disappear. Some believe it’s the product of two landrace strains from the Hindu Kush region. Others think its parent strains are Master Kush and Purple Kush. Either way, you know you’re in for something special! Master Purple is known for its super potent high. The THC of this indica-dominant hybrid ranges from 20-24%! Paired with its insanely good looks and delicious flavour, this strain is in a league of its own.  

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Master Purple has stunning neon green nugs. They are dense and grape-shaped. Lots of thin yellow-orange hairs poke their way through. This strain also has a coating of golden amber crystal trichomes. 

One sniff of this dank bud and you’ll be hooked! As you grind up the buds, this strain releases a pungent grape aroma with hints of spicy berries and rich herbs. This flower has subtle earthy, citrus aromas, as well, with a hint of incense. It’s enough to make your mouth water! Users also describe the Master Purple taste as a vintage flavour. It’s reminiscent of hard-rubbed charas hash. Users can expect a taste of earthy yet spicy berries and herbs on the exhale. 

The effects are just as dreamy! It’s indica-dominant, but it will have a subtle energizing impact on its user. The high starts with an uplift in mood. In addition, users will feel a happy euphoria that puts them at ease. Bad vibes? Not if this strain has anything to say about it! This strain will also provide mental energy as your body settles into deep relaxation. On the whole, this dank bud supplies a righteous balance of full-body relief and soothing mental properties.  

With its high THC levels, Master Purple is also a great medical strain. Its physical qualities can help treat pain, nausea, appetite loss and stress. The relaxing effect of this strain are also great for treating insomnia. 

Master Purple Medical Benefits 

Pain, Nausea, Appetite Loss, Stress, Insomnia

11 reviews for Master Purple

  1. champs

    Good slow burn. I like this strain

  2. jhareths

    strain is known for its ability to induce soothing pain relief

  3. supremegod

    Smells wonderful, really strong earthy smell!! Good high

  4. lindathehead

    Great pungent smelling buds and sweet taste

  5. julie

    Most definitely ordering again. Huge dense buds, great potent smell.

  6. jeff

    Great strain. Nice strong smell with a really good feel after. 100% would order again

  7. greekfreak

    I got a really nice bag. All big and sticky nugs

  8. tina

    Got a few nugs in my bag that were completely purple. Amazing

  9. sherman

    Triple A bud

  10. timberland

    Boo ya!! Gotta keep this strain in heavy rotation. Tastes , looks and smells on point. Hot fire

  11. silent_sam

    Great night time smoke, gets you ready for bed

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