Northern Lights

THC 22-24%CBD 0-1%

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If you have ever seen the Northern Lights, you would know where this strain gets its name from. An absolute legend in its own right, Northern Lights is famous in the Canna-community for being a ‘two hit and quit’ strain.


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Northern Lights Strain Information

The Northern Lights Strain is one of the most sought-after marijuana strains known for its euphoric after-effects. If you want to feel relaxed and calm, this beautiful Indica is one of the best body and mind relaxers. Coming from a mixture of Thai and Afghani Indica’s, this strain is predominantly Indica with just about 5% Sativa. The history of this prevalent marijuana strain is surprisingly a mystery. Most people believe that this strain came from an island near Washington during the 1970s. The person known to have discovered this strain is also another mystery. There’s not much known about this person except that the founder’s name was “The Indian.”


The pungent smell of the Northern Lights strain is not one that you can easily miss, and it is like a punch on the smell receptors and is easy to fill the room with its smell. People describe the smell as “dank weed.”


Unlike the very overwhelming aroma of the Northern Lights strain, its taste is full of layers. It has high notes of wood and pine, almost giving it an earthy taste, but as you let it sit in your senses, you get a twinge of an almost citrusy, candy-like taste. The dynamic combination of the earthy sweetness experienced by users gives this strain a top-shelf with regard to the flavor profile.


If you have ever seen the Northern Lights, you would know where this strain gets its name from. The buds are packed densely, showing purple, olive green, and blue hints throughout the bud. These color streaks give it a unique look that the Northern Lights strain is known for. It also has thick sugar leaves blended with the pistils and sticks outwards out of the bud. The pistils are a very brassy shade of orange. On the other hand, the water leaves tend to be a darker shade of green than the rest of the plant, with streaks of blue at the tips.

Northern Lights Strain Effects

This cannabis strain is all about the sleepy, relaxing, and euphoric effects. You may become lazy and utterly relaxed, becoming very sleepy and lazy. Because of this tendency of the Northern Lights strain to send its user into a full-blown dreamy state of altered reality, it is ideal to have at night before you sleep. In this way, you will be able to enjoy the effects of this beautiful cannabis strain to their fullest. Since it makes you feel relaxed and calm, you’ll also notice that it induces happiness, makes you more positive, and sees the world in vibrant colors. You also won’t feel any hangover with this strain because once the relaxing feelings wear off, it becomes almost like a sedative, putting you in a well-rested deep sleep.



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Whatever you know about the effects of Indica is what you experience when you take this strain. It is incredibly calming, soothing and relaxing for your body and mind. For the ultimate feel-good state of mind, the Northern Lights strain is the one to go for!

29 reviews for Northern Lights

  1. Mountain Girl

    Waited awhile to try this strain, and it is worth the wait. Subtle at first but definitely does the what needs it to do. The body relaxation is perfection

  2. 420flowerchild

    Great Indica

  3. petethepimp_11

    This is hands down one of my favourite strains. I had to grab when I saw the deal.

  4. janisbutler8

    Got this stuff a couple daze ago. Have never tried it but have heard all about it. Everything I heard was true 👍 Best weed I’ve smoked in a while and I smoke alot of weed. Would recommend this to my friends in a heartbeat. Thanks, Herb Approach.

  5. rupturedcatalyst

    This stuff is awesome! Never had northern lights before, but ive had stuff crossed with it. It smells a lot like jack herer and sour diesel. Skunky smell to it! Im also super stoned rn.

  6. tripaces420

    Nice smooth smoke. Chunky smaller buds covered in trichomes. Not harsh at all. Very easy strain to smoke

  7. salesse-2915

    Northern lights is super smooth and the high is chill and relaxing, bud appeal is high quality, frosty, scent of pine and citrus, smooth smoke nothing really bad to say about this strain, would recommend

  8. Happy!

    Good citrus smell. Great THC %!

  9. mjdclean

    Very nice, relaxing high. Nice taste too.

  10. thomas_hamlyn2002

    Just got another order of this definetly a fav really enjoy the buzz from this strain 👍👌

  11. cyaw

    Greasy nose, this is A Quad for sure.
    Great smoke

  12. thomas_hamlyn2002

    I just rec’d mine today and after trying it all I can say is wow this stuff is awesome thanks HA 😎👍

  13. ragwon88

    very light smoke, braught back tho old taste and smoke from when i was a kid, good times

  14. tony4256

    This is by far one of the the strongest stuff I’ve ever smoked .4 Hours of a great high that you don’t want to end . Try it & thank me after !

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