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Premium Pre-Rolled 3 Pack (Top Shelf)


Top Shelf prides themselves to only sell high quality cannabis. Each pre rolled joint is packed with .75g of premium Top Shelf flower.

Each pack contains three .75g Top Shelf Pre-Rolls

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Top Shelf Pre-Rolls features their elite collection of prize-winning cannabis strains. Each joint is perfectly rolled with some of the finest cannabis genetics on earth. Masters of cannabis cultivation, Top Shelf reigns supreme in their class and is unrivaled in competition. Smoke for yourself and experience the epitome of luxury in high yields of THC with each roll.

Each pack contains three .75g Top Shelf Pre-Rolls

34 reviews for Premium Pre-Rolled 3 Pack (Top Shelf)

  1. cerlendson23 (verified owner)

    Pineapple Express is one of my favourite sativas. Nice high, good buy.

  2. cerlendson23 (verified owner)

    Wedding cake is an absolute favourite strain, and these pre-rolls held up great

  3. SatTech85 (verified owner)

    good rolls. okay taste. not worth it imho.

  4. GodSohier (verified owner)

    Clean, love the packaging.

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