Purple Punch

THC 19-21%CBD 0-1%

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Been down in the dumps and overstressed? Purple Punch is here to save the day, lifting you into euphoria with THC levels up to 20%! With its deliciously sweet flavours and incredibly relaxing effects, the only thing Purple Punch will be knocking out is your stress and tension!


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Purple Punch Strain Information

Purple Punch will come at you at full force, but only with its delicious flavour and effects! This indica-dominant hybrid is a charismatic cross of Grand Daddy Purple and Larry OG.

Luckily for everyone, Purple Punch inherited the best traits from both parent strains.

This intriguing indica has a delicious aroma and berry-infused flavour that won’t quit! Your taste buds will feel like they’ve taken a one-way journey to unadulterated bliss. Users define Purple Punch as a ‘dessert strain,’ but not only because of its scent and flavour! Its relaxing traits are perfect for unwinding at the end of a long day.

With a name like Purple Punch? You know it’ll knock you out, but you won’t be complaining!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Right from the jump, this strain is a knockout! Its fluffy, purple weed hues contrast the neon green nugs. Besides, playful amber trichomes poke their way out amongst the buds. Finally, the frosty layer of trichomes provides a potent preview for what’s in-store.

Upon opening the bag, the dank weed smell will bring you back to childhood. This strain has a strong scent reminiscent of grape Kool-Aid. You’ll likely also notice hints of blueberry muffins and candy. In other words, it won’t be long before Purple Punch has your mouth watering in anticipation!

The terpene profile of this hybrid is heavy on caryophyllene, as well as limonene and pinene.

The sweetness of its scent carries over into the Purple Punch flavour. Puffing on this strain is like sampling a delicious grape candy that’s only for grown-ups! Notes of vanilla, blueberries and herbs (caryophyllene) help balance out the grape overtones.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder why it’s a widely loved dessert strain! With its deliciously sweet scent and taste, Purple Punch is best used after dinner.

Moreover, paired with its relaxing effects, it’s the perfect nightcap!

When it comes to the high, its effects will hit you dead between the eyes! The initial uplift will present as intense mental stimulation. The buzz will start in your temples and work down to the rest of your body. Along the way, Purple Punch will pulverize any tension or stress you have pent up. You’ll feel all your worries melt away and be replaced with a dreamy floating feeling. This strain also has an excellent sense of humour. A euphoria will gently build, making everything seem lighter and funnier. With this hybrid, don’t be surprised if you’re punched in the gut with a barrel of belly laughs!

Slowly but surely, the physical effects will take over. If you ingest more or in higher doses, this is about the time where your eyelids will start to feel heavy. Finally, Purple Punch will have you ready to curl up and get cozy for a blissful night of peaceful slumber.

With its dynamic combination of effects, Purple Punch has multiple medical uses. Its uplifting euphoria is excellent for symptoms of depression and stress. The physical sedation from Purple Punch is helpful for a wide range of conditions. Muscle spasms, cramps, headaches and chronic pain don’t stand a chance. With its ability to lull you into a snoozy state, this strain is also great for insomnia.

Do you have what it takes to go toe to toe with Purple Punch? Visit our site and try some out for yourself!

Purple Punch Medical Benefits

Depression, Stress, Muscle Spasms/Tension, Cramps, Headache, Chronic Pain, Insomnia

12 reviews for Purple Punch

  1. aP

    Managed to get some on sale, and am so glad I did! Smooth and nice taste, amazing smell, nugs look just like the pictures too!

    Worth the try for sure!

  2. coach-shawn

    Great smoke, light, great flavour. Really nice chill and body buzz, HA never fails. Great indica for relaxing and for sleep.

  3. Yordop

    Beautiful purple and orange hues and delicious fruity flavour. Will definitely buy again!

  4. adamdouglas1027

    Caked up and delicious! Very happy with this. Tastes sweet and the nugs are extremely pretty. Highly recommend

  5. Kh6394

    Very happy with this strain! Has a great scent and flavor to it!

  6. beachbunny

    Really enjoy smoking this strain. Indica dom, nice flavour.

  7. tony4256

    This top notch strain is by far one of my favorites! The formation and color is astonishing, big, dense, flagrant purple and green covered in sugary goodness. Very nice sweet smell , the smoke is smooth and the head to body high has a serious transition as this Indica dominant beauty can knock your head in and gets you glued to your couch for few hours .

  8. Moondust8

    Sweet stuff, I enjoyed it.

  9. Zz_Butterfly_Zz

    I don’t normally write reviews, but this is bud is fire! As a Grand Daddy Purple lover, this stuff is amazing. Perfect amount of calm, kicks anxiety’s ass and definitely a bit of euphoria happening -any Indica lover will be well satisfied.

  10. jessjane16

    This strain greatly reduced my anxiety. I felt relaxed and had a very positive headspace – definitely will buy again!

  11. ryan_beach420

    Very interesting smell, looks bomb..

  12. Happy!

    Good quick buzz! Nice grape flavor!

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