Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

THC 22-24%CBD 0-1%

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Elevate your mood, boost your creativity, and relieve your stress with your new favourite cookie-based strain. Thin Mint Girl Scouts Cookie is a rare phenotype of the original GSC strain that improves upon the original. Minty, sweet, and doughy, Thin Mint GSC is poised to be a smash!


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Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies Strain Information

Finding a strain that works both day and night is a difficult task, but Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is the perfect snack! This perfectly balanced strain has 24% THC on average and is a phenotype of the original Girl Scout Cookies strain. Blending the original GSC together with OG Kush and F1 Durban Poison, this hybrid strain has an all-star background. While the original Girl Scout Cookie (GSC) strain is legendary in its own right, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies ups the ante by introducing a doughy, minty flavour into the equation as well as calming yet spacey effects. Make sure to try these cookies today!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

To appreciate what Thin Mint GSC brings to the table, we have to understand its history and lineage, first. Firstly, Thin Mint GSC is a phenotype of the original GSC. This means that its genetics are extremely similar, with only a few slight differences between the two strains. Also known as Thin Mint Cookies, this strain looks almost identical to its cousin. The buds are a mixture of dark green and purple weed hues and an abundance of kief covering its surface. A splattering of bright-orange pistils pop out throughout the bud to provide some great visual contrast.

As its name suggests, Thin Mint GSC smells and tastes like thin mints. As soon you open the bag, the aroma of refreshingly minty and yeasty cookies will fill the room. Caryophyllene, sour limonene, and floral linalool terpenes dominate and work together to create an intoxicatingly sweet aroma. Its aromas translate effectively into its flavour profile. On the first hit, the taste of minty, freshly baked bread delights the palette. The exhale will taste sweet, yeasty, and slightly buttery. Make no mistakes about it – this strain is delicious!

If Thin Mint GSC’s flavour isn’t enough to entice you, let’s dive into its effects! Firstly, Thin Mint GSC is a hybrid strain with an equal indica and sativa profile. As such, its effects come close to being almost perfectly balanced. Although they’re at equilibrium, the high starts with a cerebral head buzz that boosts creativity, enhances the senses and relaxes the mind. Once the head high settles in, the effects transition into a calming body high.

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies Medical Benefits 

Creativity, Stress Relief, Insomnia, Nausea

7 reviews for Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

  1. beachbunny

    Really nice looking nugs, a classic strain in my opinion. Perfect high, not too much not too little.

  2. TimB420

    Got a nice doughy like taste from this strain. Really enjoyed it. Good mellow high.

  3. Greeengoddess

    Good bed time smoke! Not crazy about the taste though

  4. goneill76

    looks good. smells slightly like cookies if you put your whole face in the bag. I guess it’s better than regular gs cookies, but not the biggest fan. maybe cookie strains don’t do it for me. I have been smoking forever, and some of the more popular ones I personally think are way over-rated.
    I/we paid around 150 for an ounce. Glad I tried it.
    wouldn’t buy again
    2.5 stars

  5. salesse-2915

    Looks are amazing, good for afternoons & nights, good way to end the day, relaxing, a Indica leaning hybrid

  6. aj

    smell good vape good. balanced high

  7. tripaces420

    Amazing bag appeal. Buds are dark green and just covered in trichomes. Sweet taste, awesome for afternoons! Buying again for sure

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