2 Ounces for $350

$550.00 $350.00

Pick Any 2 Strains of Your Choice:

Each Strain Comes with 28 Grams of Premium Flower:

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Choose any 2 ounces and get them for $175 each! Act now and get the strains of your choice before they are all sold out. Selection is limited so hurry up and buy now!

39 reviews for 2 Ounces for $350

  1. coreyalwavey (verified owner)

    Great deal. Keep an eye out for others also though.

  2. Von680 (verified owner)

    Love the strains provided. My favorite is Jedi Kush. Definitely stock up when I see Jedi Kush in the selection, if not I love to check out the selection before making a choice for my order. So many different selections, love it.

  3. goneill76 (verified owner)

    price was ok with my added discount.

  4. msinc00 (verified owner)

    Good buy ,nice sweet bugs . I would recommend this product

  5. msinc00 (verified owner)

    Liked a lot sweet

  6. msinc00 (verified owner)

    I ordered the White Widow & Bluefin Tuna. Great deal, liked both very much, would buy again.

  7. petethepimp_11 (verified owner)

    Amazing deal, I tried purple pine berry it had I nice berry smell and it had nice dense buds.

  8. kyla.nicolle (verified owner)

    Such a good deal and some super tasty bud !

  9. goneill76 (verified owner)

    okay deal.
    pretty good selection this time.

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