Blue Afghani

THC 19-24%CBD 0-1%

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Blue Afghani is a fine example of what happens when two good genetics meet. The result is a sweet-tasting, sedating experience that is positively euphoric. It will instantly send you into a world of relaxation, from head to toe


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Blue Afghani Strain Information

Blue Afghani, is an Indica-dominant strain crossed between two classics – Blueberry strain and Afghani. The parents are two extremely popular strains in the world of cannabis. While one is known for its delicious flavor, the other is marked by its potent sedating buzz. Now, mix these two, and the result is a sweet-tasting, sedating experience.

This cannabis strain is a fine example of what happens when two good genetics meet. Thanks to its euphoric high and hassle-free growth, it has become a favorite among both cannabis users and growers.


Blue Afghani has a sweet and spicy aroma. The sweet notes, of course, come from the Blueberry parent, while the spicy aroma is of Afghani. Not to mention, it also has some hints of earthy notes.


Flavor-wise, it has a pretty simple and straightforward profile. You can easily make out its flavor by its fragrance. In a nutshell, the Blue Afghani strain has a sweet berry flavor with some notes of spicy herbal tea.


When it comes to appearance, Blue Afghani looks nothing like its name. The flowers on this cannabis plant are largely green in color. In fact, it has a standard cannabis look, with dense green nugs and gold undertones. Most of these plants have orange hairs.

Blue Afghani Strain Effects

The initial effect of smoking Blue Afghani is euphoric. It instantly sends you into a world of relaxation, from head to toe. You’ll experience a subtle tingling sensation that usually starts at the back of your head. In just a few minutes, the sensation will take over your whole body. This will leave you in a complete state of tranquility. For this very reason, the Blue Afghani weed is also commonly used by medical cannabis patients. Its body-relaxing buzz makes this strain an ideal choice for treating conditions like depression, stress, and chronic pain.

Another commonly reported effect of this marijuana is boosted appetite. Though you’ll be couch-locked, the only motivation to get up would be to head to your pantry and fulfill your appetite

Bear in mind the Blue Afghani strain is not your morning cup of joe. Turns out, it’s far from being one. Instead, it’s more like your lazy Sunday afternoon.



Buy Blue Afghani Strain Online

Sometimes, all you want to do is snap out from the hustle of everyday life and escape to a stress-free world, where imagination is your only companion. If this sounds like something up your alley, the Blue Afghani strain is yours to take! Buy this strain online today and make yourself a cozy little world where depression, pain, and stress fade away.

37 reviews for Blue Afghani

  1. darkain7

    very good. Highly recommend.

  2. darstew100

    amazing buds for the price

  3. sbcexperts

    Nice sized buds, dense. I’d say the aroma is earthy with what I can only describe as a hint of nutmeg. Great feel. Great taste. Medium smoothness. Good for pain. Great for at night.

  4. Herbo

    Buds look decent, smell good but not as tasty as I expected. Nice mellow high.

  5. harley.allen.189

    Smells so good!

  6. tony4256

    This is some serious indica. — the buds are tight and dense and the nuggets are so crystally , it’s really remarkable .This is heavy duty regardless of its low THC count! worth trying for sure.

  7. cdath1987

    Wish I ordered 4 and not 1 ounce. Great as always

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