Park Fire OG

THC 32-36%CBD 0-2%

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Park Fire OG is all gas and no brakes. Packing a whopping 30-35% THC potency on average, this indica hybrid strain is one of the strongest available. Slightly sweet and citrusy with a pungent, skunky aftertaste, Park Fire OG will have you levitating and meditating before you know what hit you.


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Park Fire OG Strain Information

Park Fire OG, a descendent of the legendary OG Kush strain, is a renowned strain in its own right. Bred by combining the genetics of OG Kush with SFG OG, Park Fire OG delivers a serious high with an even more serious potency. Reaching up to 30-35% THC potency on average, this indica dominant hybrid is not one to take lightly. Sporting a burning hot appearance with red pistils throughout the bud’s surface, Park Fire OG is not for beginners! In addition to its incredible potency, this strain delivers waves of hard-hitting euphoria and relaxation. Park Fire OG is bound to will burn away any and all troubles in your path!


Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Park Fire OG is the AAAA love child between two already legendary strains. By combining OG Kush with SFG OG, a star was born. Park Fire OG burns incredibly bright and delivers a high that’s blazing hot. For starters, Park Fire OG’s appearance alone evokes feelings of warmth and fire. The buds themselves are chunky and dense with forest-green leaves and a splattering of purple. On the surface, you’ll see fiery red pistils poking out from beneath the surface. Finally, a thick layer of silver-coloured kief envelops the bud giving this firey bud a regal and supreme look worthy of an AAAA strain.

Secondly, we’ll talk about this strain’s flavours and aromas. While the appearance might make you anticipate flavours of spicy cinnamon, this strain actually has a sweet and skunky flavour.

On the nose, you’ll smell a sweet, citrusy flavour that comes close to that of sour candy. Break open a few nugs and the scent of skunky gas and pungent earth will tickle and surprise your nose. This dank oozes with bag appeal and its sweet yet gassy aroma is just the tip of the iceberg!

Thirdly, we’ll be moving onto the flavour. Tokers can expect more of that limonene-powered tang as well as pungent gas. Lovers of Sour Diesel and Super Lemon Haze will find many similarities between the two.

Finally, we’ll cover the effects. If you’re smoking this strain, you better be ready because Park Fire OG pulls no punches. A hard-hitting hybrid going off of genetics alone, this strain’s effects are further boosted by its THC rating. With an average THC content of 30-35%, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a strain this anywhere else!

For starters, the high beings in the head. Tokers will feel pressure behind the eyes and at the back of the head. This pressure gradually transforms into euphoria and a buzzing head high before the body stone kicks in. From the head downwards, waves of relaxation wash over the user. You’ll feel all of your stress and troubles burn away under Park Fire OG’s fiery hot smoke. Moving onwards, tokers with lower tolerances will inevitably pass out or get couch-locked. While Advanced tokers with higher tolerances will experience a very relaxing body high that’s perfect for sleep or an afternoon nap, newbies should proceed with caution!

Finally, with such potent, sedative effects, this strain is ideal for medical patients who are suffering from insomnia, anxiety and mood disorders. Rest assured, Park Fire OG will undoubtedly light a fire within your heart!

Park Fire OG Medical Benefits

Insomnia, stress, anxiety

90 reviews for Park Fire OG

  1. Paulie

    Some skunky awesomeness! This is a killer strain. Knocked my socks off. I been smoking for 36 years and this bad boy blew me away. Loved this and will watch for it again.

  2. patrick.viau

    This was awesome stuff!!! One of the best I’ve smoked from HA

  3. jadynleah999

    Quality product, and for a great price!

  4. Charlie

    Looking forward to smoking this again!!

  5. petethepimp_11

    This strain truly is 🔥. Nice dense buds covered in crystals. Would buy again

  6. gerardb63

    Amazing strain! Awesome high, no doubt. Got it on sale but would happily pay full price for it next time…and there absolutely WILL be a next time! Have tried many different strains from HA but this one is my fav for sure by far.

  7. Yordop

    Top notch strain, definitely worth trying more than once

  8. tony4256

    M y favorite Craft (along with Pink Death) . The green and purple leaves, frosty trichomes and fiery hairs make it look ablaze !The terpenes within the bud give it a punch of lemon flavor, leaving you hungry for more. One of the highest THC potency out there so expect to get hammered from just few puffs . Not for beginners lol.

  9. ryanfife123

    Probabaly my favorite weed I’ve tried off this site absolutely amazing

  10. JamminJosh

    Been ordering this strain for months. This latest batch in the new black ‘craft’ bags is not up to snuff. It smells and tastes musty. Wet basement kind of smell and taste. It’s really too bad as this has been my go to for months. I’ve tried posting this review 3 times now. Hopefully the 3rd time is a charm and my honest review will post. 1 star out of 5.

  11. Puchikins

    So strong I knocked out within the first few mins of vaping !

  12. Alin

    Very very good, I smoked it and with in 5 minutes I was happy and clear headed without a worry in the world

  13. Peter_Pendragon

    Perfect for when your day is over

  14. Thisistim

    This stuff is wonderful. Just reordered again. Definite must have for those rainy days.

  15. eastcoast12348

    Very very good

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