Bruce Banner

THC 25-30%CBD 0-1%

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The Incredible Hulk, but maybe he wouldn’t be such a stressed out ball of anger if he just had some of his namesake strain. Often, we let the slightest inconvenience bother us to the point of ruining our precious time.


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Bruce Banner Strain Information

Whether you love this Bruce Banner strain for its role as The Hulk in Marvel or simply for its extremely high THC concentration, either way this strain is a heavy hitter. With a THC content of about 27%, you know that this monster of a strain isn’t meant for the faint of hearts.

Seriously, this strain is going to mess with your threshold big time. And maybe that’s what the fun is all about, making it a popular cannabis choice among many experienced potheads. This strain is the child of pot parents OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. Roughly, it comprises 60% Sativa and 40% Indica strains. Due to its almost equal composition, the Bruce Banner strain surprisingly offers a well-balanced head and body high.


As expected from a highly potent cannabis strain, Bruce Banner delivers a pungent and interesting aroma. You can expect a whiff of diesel scent right off the bat. Concentrating more on its aroma will allow you to experience a sweet smell that’s somewhat tropical. The aroma is sure to make any 420-lover’s mouth water.


Even though of its name, it tastes nothing like what a massive green monster is expected to taste like. You’ll be pleasantly surprised, especially if you’re into citrusy and diesel flavors. While some Bruce Banner strains may give off a candy-flavored, sweet taste, others tend to have more of an earthy flavor with a sour finish.


Besides its potency, the appearance of Bruce Banner is what’s closest to the Incredible Hulk. Standing in all its glory, this strain is usually covered in a vibrant green hue, with a touch of purple undertones. It is covered in trichomes and features orange pistils.

Bruce Banner Strain Effects

There’s no other way of saying this. The Bruce Banner strain will hit you with incredible strength. Its effects can be felt quickly and strongly. But the amazing part is how the high settles into a calm, euphoric buzz. To sum up, you can describe the high as mainly euphoric, which boosts energy and improves creativity at the same time.

Not just for its psychoactive effects, but Bruce Banner also received great hype in the medical cannabis sphere. Thanks to its high THC concentration, this cannabis has become a go-to painkiller. Many patients also use it to relieve nausea, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.



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The Bruce Banner strain gained its popularity from its high THC content and is only expected to grow even more when people try it and share with their friends. Everybody loves a great tasting strain, and Bruce is definitely not shy in this regard. Its sweet candy like flavor will have you on a binge from start to finish!

88 reviews for Bruce Banner

  1. braydenlowe92

    Very good strain. Highly recommend. Will buy again

  2. donnas82

    I just wanna roll in this bag of mouth watering green. So many crystals, tight beautiful buds, with the aroma you expect from a good bag. Excellent price too. You guys are great

  3. lafete

    Just received my oz of Bruce,just in time (sold out) ,great smoke,will buy more,when in stock

  4. lafete

    Just received my oz of Bruce,just in time (sold out) ,great smoke,will buy more,when in stock

  5. lafete

    Love this strain!

  6. ryanfife123

    I really like the high but I’m not loving the taste of this weed

  7. niaangel

    A good bud to smoke in the day. It’s not extremely heavy. I enjoyed this strain.

  8. collinsambe89

    Great price and shared with a few friends and everyone agreed it’s a great strain. Nugs are in the smaller side

  9. ncsiding

    Incredible. Does just as it should. Instant mind rush and then complete happiness!

  10. emixamperron

    Excellent,,les cocottes sont géniales et le goût est tout simplement parfait

  11. tripaces420

    Small buds and a tad dry but the taste, high and price make up for it! Buying again

  12. masterBud

    This has a nice woodsy taste. Burns and grinds well. Provided an immediate intense head high followed by deep relaxation. Tends to be lights out for me after that.
    Nugs are on the medium to small size on this batch. First time order.

  13. SatTech85

    pretty happy with this. smell is different. i like it….i think? lol
    burns great as always from HA. ill be back for more.

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