Butterfly High 400mg THC (SeC)


The Butterfly High is SeC’s highest dosage gummy, at 400mg of THC extract, this is a treat that is meant for users to experience the butterfly effect. Users should be fully comfortable and confident in their edibles tolerance level.

Total servings: 400mg THC per Pack
Quantity:  1 piece

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The Butterfly High is SeC’s second highest dosage gummy, with 400mg of THC extract. Granted, this is a treat that is meant for users to experience the butterfly effect. In other words, users should be fully comfortable and confident in their edibles tolerance level. Strap in and prepare yourself for what may end up to be an evening of chaos theory.

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Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Natural Flavour, Colouring


SeC is a new boutique edibles wholesaler based out of Vancouver BC, distinguishing ourselves by offering great tasting goodies, with guilt-free ingredients. It is important to us that our clients ingest their edibles in the cleanest and safest way possible, which is why our products contain lab tested solvent-free THC extract made from locally sourced flower.

107 reviews for Butterfly High 400mg THC (SeC)

  1. daynadewhirst (verified owner)

    Anything by Sec is a win and so is this!

  2. novaya (verified owner)

    bought this for a friend’s bday 🙂

  3. Fuzzy (verified owner)

    Always a favourite. Good high. If your tolerance is high, I find it takes about half to give you a good high for a couple hours.

  4. complexguardian99 (verified owner)

    Great gummy great price

  5. karmic.protagonist (verified owner)

    I used a scale and portioned these out into 4 equal pieces. The THC is perfectly mixed throughout this gummy because the high was consistent between the 4 pieces.

    The texture is a little different from other gummies I’ve had and the taste isn’t amazing but the consistent high was well worth it.

  6. mmacintyre1 (verified owner)

    Great tasting gummy, ate in 2 halves very nice high!

  7. kzyo87 (verified owner)

    Ate half! Smooth buzz.

  8. Bobby Lion (verified owner)

    Next time I think I will break this into smaller pieces. Its potent!

  9. alextok2013 (verified owner)

    simply amazing, very potent

  10. corytrev (verified owner)

    I cut mine up and get four good doses from it. Great quality and taste.

  11. nihcole_ (verified owner)

    Incredibly strong, happy and uplifting high. If you want bang for your buck this little critter will impress. Careful not to go overboard. I am a lightweight and had just the tip of a wing and was blasted into outer space, giggly and almost tripping. So good

  12. J SMITH (verified owner)


  13. isaachan01 (verified owner)

    Doesn’t taste the best – but it did get me really F’d up.

    Probably should’t have taken half.. it is pretty strong. would not recomend to new users as dosing is hard to obtain unless you weigh it each time and do the math.

  14. jmorrell77 (verified owner)

    Have used these for years, always does the trick. Solid product

  15. zbeloshchenko (verified owner)

    High quality edible (see what I did there?) They pack a whollop so consume with caution unless you have a significant tolerance for edibles.

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