Cotton Candy Kush

THC 18-20%CBD 0-1%

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Cotton Candy Kush is sweet in more ways than one! This potent sativa-dominant hybrid is just what the doctor ordered to help any stress, anxiety, or pain fizzle out as your body melts into a blissfully relaxed yet energized cuddle puddle. All that’s left to do is smile, relax and enjoy!


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Cotton Candy Kush Strain Information

Cotton Candy Kush will take you back in time to the simpler days of being an excited kid in a candy store. This beautiful sativa-dominant hybrid strain will have all the tension, worries and stress in your body wash away. This hybrid is a blend of parent strains Lavender and Power Plant. Cotton Candy Kush will take your mind on the adventure of a lifetime with its fantastic cerebral effects. Get ready for intense euphoria and good vibes that will have you succumbing to a chronic case of the giggles in no time! 

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

One glance at the stunning buds and you’ll be smitten! Like its namesake, the flowers are fluffy and loose and easily torn apart. Plenty of sticky trichomes on the bud further adds to its fun cotton candy look! Cotton Candy Kush has large buds with lavender colouring and eye-catching metallic hues.

When cured, this strain’s flowers give off a sweet and tangy fruity smell that’s borderline pungent. There are also undertones of floral and citrus. Cotton Candy Kush burns smooth and has a flavour of fruity, sugary bubble gum on the exhale. In other words, there’s no denying that this strain is the sweetest sativa around!

But its sweetness doesn’t stop there! If you thought that the smell was intoxicating, wait until you hear about its effects. With sativa-dominant genetics, Cotton Candy Kush has fantastic effects. This strain gives you an uplifting and euphoric high that puts a goofy smile on your face in the best possible way.

The effects start gentle but hit fast. Cotton Kandy Kush starts with a tingly sensation behind your eyes and temples. Slowly, this effect will work its way through your shoulders and into your core.

Get ready to experience a rush of euphoria and a burst of energy. It’s almost like a sugar rush from your favourite cotton candy, but sweeter! It won’t take long for you to succumb to the giddy giggles that are soon to follow.

As well as its mental effects, Cotton Candy Kush also has strong sedative properties. Its relaxing features make you forget all your worries. Slowly, you’ll feel the release of tension in your body. These soothing and restful properties make it ideal for enjoying in the afternoon or at night. With THC levels reaching 22%, this strain’s body effects are comforting, mellow, and chill.

Cotton Candy Kush is a fantastic strain for treating many conditions. Its uplifting make it excellent for fighting mood disorders including depression and anxiety. Its sedative effects supply soothing relief for inflammation, chronic pain, headaches and migraines.

Cotton Candy Kush Medical Benefits 

Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Headaches, Migraines, Chronic Pain 

26 reviews for Cotton Candy Kush

  1. nosoup4u

    It was exactly what I’ve expected. Buds were nice and thick. It was very sticky to grind (I actually had to lubricate my grinder with some hemp oil). It works well in a bong or in a vape. But rolling it, you kind of had to let it cure for a bit so it can burn properly but other than that, it was a great sativa. Really liked it for jamming with friends. I’ve noticed if they get too lit, it really affects their playing ability but with this, this was good all around buzz.

  2. estee-63

    A good strain for helping with hunger.

  3. CowboyJ

    Flavour was ok but the high was quick. Kinda meh…

  4. keitobryce

    definitely a stronger sativa..gets you kind of paranoid

  5. ragwon88

    its meh, wasnt what i was expecting from others reviews but i mean, id still get it again on sale

  6. goneill76

    Smells and tastes good. I can see were it got it’s name. I will buy again if in sale, or the 2 oz deal when it’s on.

  7. dailydose420

    It was a dream come true. Great taste great smell. Please put this on sale??

  8. pazzy1234

    Hands down my favorite strain will definitely be ordering this again

  9. brodie.ranger

    Good smoke, great tasting. Another thumbs up.

  10. pazzy1234

    Great taste absolutely one of my favorites

  11. jjc222

    Great flavour and high!! Definitely a buy again!

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