Golden Goat

THC 21-23%CBD 0-1%

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If accidents can lead to the creation of great things, then Golden Goat is one of them. This sativa dominant strain instantly became one of the best hybrids of cannabis and has the powerful effect to uplift any negative emotions!


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Golden Goat Strain Information

If accidents can lead to the creation of great things, then the Golden Goat Strain is one of them. What took place as unplanned pollination, became one of the best hybrids of cannabis. It all happened when a Hawaiian-Romulan pollinated a Sweet Skunk, slowly making its way to the consumers’ market by 2009.

The Golden Goat Strain is predominantly a Sativa strain, but with some of the Indica roots shining through. If you’ve wanted to try a balanced combination of both, then this is the best hybrid to get your hands on. You get to experience a very mellow feeling without it ever going to the point of sedation.


The Golden Goat Strain smells like what you generally describe as citrusy, and it packs a punch with this refreshing smell that turns into an earthy smell when you pay close attention. You might even say it represents a sugary bark.


This marijuana strain tastes like what you think it would when you first smell it, and it is a combination of all the smells- earthy, sweet and citrusy. Once you give the Golden Goat Strain time to sit on your taste palate, it is reminiscent of a very tropical taste, obviously accredited to its Hawaiian-Romulan genetics.


Unsurprisingly, Golden Goat Strain looks a lot like the Hawaiian Sativa. You can tell that the genes of the Hawaiian-Romulan have been passed down to this strain due to the discoloration on the plant, giving you light shades of green and pink. One may say the colors look like neon. All Golden Goat Strains have the trademark frosty-coating of rich trichomes.

Golden Goat Strain Effects

Many cannabis users love Golden Goat because it has a powerful effect to uplift any negative emotions. These include feelings that are typically experienced when you are suffering from depression. It relaxes your mind and gives you a very soothing, blissful feeling. You may benefit from it if you are carrying a lot of stress. This cannabis strain is great to use when you want to unwind and revitalize your body and mind.

If you are chronically fatigued, this may be the answer for you. You will also feel a shot of energy run through you, but the peaceful elements are more potent, and your energy will be subdued within minutes and replaced by a state of relaxation.

The Golden Goat Strain is also known to have pain relieving properties at a moderate level. So, if you are someone living with chronic pain, joint pain or migraines, this cannabis strain will help alleviate all of these ailments temporarily.



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Although the looks of the Golden Goat Strain are exciting and eye-catching, it is not the appearance but rather the product’s effects that keep bringing consumers back to it. You can enjoy the best of both worlds with this hybrid cannabis strain- the energizing shot in the initial stages, followed by a mellow, relaxing mode without the risk of getting couch lock.

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  1. Yordop

    Great productive high, perfect for a daytime smoke.

  2. beachbunny

    very nice smoke, sweet smell

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