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Forget what you know about the Green Goblin, this one’s far from an evil maniac. The buds are forest green in colour, with bright orange nodules, and covered in crystals. The aroma is skunky and earthy, with notes of diesel and musky, sweet undertones.


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Herb Approach is proud to introduce all our members to the new DEAL OF THE DAY!

Every day will include a new promotion that is only valid for one day only. Each item is limited to stock quantity so better make sure to get it fast because this sale won’t last!

Today’s promotion is featuring an Ounce of Green Goblin for only $143!

Each order included 28 grams of flower!


Taste, Aroma and Appearance

Green Goblin is defined by its big and fluffy buds that are soft as pillows. Although we don’t recommend resting your head on them. This strain features a skunky and pungent aroma, capturing the true essence of its Skunk #1 lineage. The pungent aroma is present in the flavour, which also includes a hint of citrus to boot. While it may not taste like a mint, cannabis enthusiasts like to smoke a strain with such a classic, pungent palate.


Medical Benefits

This strain is a great medical option for those who wish to alleviate pain, stress or depression, and is particularly apt at aiding headaches and cramps. Whether you wake and bake, or save this for an after-work treat, this delicious strain will send you into a happy head-space, with a relaxed body high that continues long after the head high fades.

Just like Green Goblin’s hoverboard, this strain takes you on a flight. The cerebral strain launches its users on a wild ride through euphoria, beginning with a surge of energy and creativity. Although Green Goblin is mostly cerebral, it does feature a hint of body-buzz. It’s slightly sedating effects relieve pain and muscle aches while going about your business.

Aside from pain relief, GB reduces stress, anxiety and depression. Those with GI and IBS are also recommended to try this strain.

Get that confident villain feeling without the negativity, thanks to Green Goblin.


Up to 23-25% THC

Flavours:  DieselEarthySweet

Effects: HappyUpliftedEnergeticEuphoricFocused

Medical Uses: DepressionNauseaPainFatigueHeadaches



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  1. kducha (verified owner)

    Awesome deals

  2. msinc00 (verified owner)

    Blue Hawaiian very tasty, nice long lasting high .purple kush nice buds fresh & good flavour.

  3. msinc00 (verified owner)

    Very tasty, convenient, discreet.

  4. kevsuematthews (verified owner)

    Always good value for your Money

  5. msinc00 (verified owner)

    Tom Ford , highly recommend. High quality, kickass

  6. msinc00 (verified owner)

    Very pleased , bud smell sweet, nice size , fresh . Smoke. As pleasant.

  7. Joelbeatty20 (verified owner)

    Usually really good value for the daily deal. Wish they had some more volume discount deals in vape cartridges though. Keep up the good work.

  8. keithhockley7 (verified owner)

    I love to see what their daily deal is everyday. I find often I can get the products I love at a reduced price. And it will keep me coming back. Bring back the white lavender. That strain was hands down the best I have ever purchased. I got it two times but it’s been a long time and it hasn’t been back since. You tickle my balls but then don’t call back …why…

  9. morenopokrajac (verified owner)

    Tom Ford pink kush was absolute fire I love it ! Ty ha.

  10. gitsproberts (verified owner)

    Got me some Tom Ford pink kush. Really relaxing, sit you down and blow out the candles.
    Not a fan of the flavor, but the effects far outweigh that.

  11. Madmabes (verified owner)

    I have had the grease monkey and gelato from the DotD pleased with both. Please keep up the daily deals

  12. Madmabes (verified owner)

    Daily deals are the best.

  13. cyaw (verified owner)

    Best deal for Tom Ford Pink Kush.. 150 you kidding me??

  14. davidchamberlandmusic (verified owner)

    Never been disappointed with the deals here. Great savings on amazing products.

  15. Steveo (verified owner)

    Love these daily deals ?

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