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Herb Approach is proud to introduce all our members to the new DEAL OF THE DAY!

Every day will include a new promotion that is only valid for one day only. Each item is limited to stock quantity so better make sure to get it fast because this sale won’t last!

Today’s promotion is featuring 1g of Hooti Extracts Shatter – for only $20!


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Hooti Extracts Shatter is made with a closed-loop extraction to produce shatter that combines quality with authenticity. Our unique approach ensures solvent-free concentrates that are as pure as our extraction process.

Each Order Includes 1g of Hooti Extracts Shatter

648 reviews for Deal Of The Day

  1. dsouzaam (verified owner)

    cant go wrong at all with premium buds for 125/o

  2. c.janes.cj (verified owner)

    Great product Hardware works fine

  3. JHerb (verified owner)

    Sugar jacks 5/5

  4. rampcontroller (verified owner)

    The best deals ever

  5. cac11 (verified owner)

    Great deals!!!

  6. Pfkiks (verified owner)

    Love this deal! Always great quality

  7. msinc00 (verified owner)

    Totally awesome – Blueberry Cheesecake a very sweet change. Highly recommend.

  8. msinc00 (verified owner)

    If you were lucky this was a charm. Lucky charm – sweet.

  9. mphiggins25 (verified owner)

    We always purchase through the deals! Lots of great options and prices. Make sure you sign up for the emails so you get the sale notifications!

  10. mphiggins25 (verified owner)

    Always a great deal, usually get it with every order! Cherry Pie is my personal fav, wife’s is Berry White!

  11. Yierba (verified owner)

    Great deals!

  12. Pete lafeet (verified owner)

    Super Deal! Of the day,,G.S.C, just a great smoke, day or night,never disappointed

  13. Bren (verified owner)

    Mellow, calm and relaxing. Great price, well worth a try, you won’t be disappointed!

  14. tlejeune86 (verified owner)

    The deal of the day is some of the best bang for your buck you’ll get on cannabis related products – CANDADA WIDE!!! If something catches your eye, be sure to get it!

  15. bonasera99 (verified owner)

    Awesome deals. Got an ounce of cherry pie for 130.00. So impressed with it. Euphoric but mellow. The bud itself to look at is really nice.

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