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Hooti Extracts THC Distillate Syringe 3 Pack


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Hooti Extracts Distillate Syringes are made with pure distillate to be used with your own creativity, dab it, eat it, or vape it.

Pick any 3 of your favourite flavours for $74.99

Each order contains 3x 1ml of Hooti Distillate

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Hooti Extracts Syringe Mix and Match

Hooti Extracts Syringes are made with pure distillate to be used with your own creativity. Dab it, eat it, or vape it. Hooti distillates are made using a closed-loop CO2 extractor, then distilled using a short path distillation three times making a pure THC distillate. Terpenes are re-introduced to create the flavor profile of the distillate. Note that this distillate is pure and nothing has been re-added to it except the terpenes. This distillate is not the same as the one we use in our vape cartridges, since the vape cartridges have been diluted to make it thinner so that it gives our patients a better vaping experience and doesn’t get clogged. If patients want to make their own vapes with our distillate they would have to use their own thinning agent and mix it themselves

Highly concentrated Distillate can be used for dabbing, vaping, or as an edible. We do NOT advise consumers to place distillate in any pre-filled cartridges.

Each order contains 3x 1ml of Hooti Distillate.

104 reviews for Hooti Extracts THC Distillate Syringe 3 Pack

  1. StewartGRankin

    Hooti keeps me coming back!!

  2. keep1rolled

    I ate some syringes of this during post wisdom surgery since I couldn’t smoke. Fantastic stuff. Would probably get again! My favourite was Grandaddy Purple

  3. grady

    one of my fav products!

  4. grady

    one of my fav products!

  5. me142

    Good Stuff.

  6. j_unit_50_

    The best one out of them all is zskittles tastes like peaches n cream to me 😍😍😍.

  7. Alin

    Definitely a great strain . Very potent . High is crisp and clean . Not sluggish high

  8. cmalleck

    This distillate is simply the best around. Clean, leaves no residue.
    Great for vaping.
    I prefer the raw. No taste, no smell.
    The mix and match deal is epic.


    The best distillate on the market

  10. racheli

    Great flavours, great product

  11. dmcormier.dc

    These are amazing smoked as dabs. But they really shine as an edible. Easy to add to any baked good or candy since its ready to go out of the syringe! Would recommend to anyone making home made edibles

  12. morenopokrajac

    Does the job

  13. tlynka87

    good flavors, have ordered these many times

  14. Nan Olafsson

    This is a quality product that I can count on for consistency. I medicate with edibles and this allows me to precisely dose the edibles I make. From as low as 10mg each to 250mg “I’ve had enough of fibro and gravity”. When chewed well, my gummies work fast, onset is usually 15-20 minutes. I love this stuff!

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