Hooti Extracts Distillate Mix and Match

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Hooti Extracts Distillate Syringes are made with pure distillate to be used with your own creativity, dab it, eat it, or vape it.

Pick any 3 of your favourite flavours for $120.00

Each order contains 3x 1ml of Hooti Distillate

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Hooti Extracts Distillate Syringes are made with pure distillate to be used with your own creativity. Dab it, eat it, or vape it. Hooti distillates are made using a closed loop CO2 extractor, then distilled using a short path distillation three times making a pure THC distillate. Terpenes are re-introduced after to create the flavor profile of the distillate. Note that this distillate is pure and nothing has been re-added to it except the terpenes. This distillate is not the same as the one we use in our vape cartridges, since the vape cartridges has been diluted to make it thinner so that it gives our patients a better vaping experience and doesn’t get clogged. If patients want to make their own vapes with our distillate they would have to use their own thinning agent and mix it themselves

Highly concentrated Distillate can be used for dabbing, vaping or as an edible. We do NOT advise consumers to place distillate in any pre-filled cartridges. 

Each order contains 3x 1ml of Hooti Distillate.

86 reviews for Hooti Extracts Distillate Mix and Match

  1. sowinskimusic1998 (verified owner)

    Great product and worth the price for the potency . Only negative ; the raw syringe won’t push anything out because it’s to sticky.

  2. Degelds (verified owner)

    Purple punch taste like candy. 100% worth the $.
    Amp up some joints or refill a vape.the syringe makes handling clean and easy. These hooti products will have you buying more and more.

  3. maryevedumont (verified owner)

    Love hooti products and this seringe us effective to drop off no drip out of your Top vape! Taste good and thick so it take more time to smoke for me. A little more of others but it worth it price when you need some strong distillate!

  4. woodscratch (verified owner)

    easily the best distillate. extremely potent and flavourful

  5. goodhew.michael (verified owner)

    I find there distillate to be so fine and delicious and the potency is so amazing it’s a must try

  6. GreenMachine (verified owner)

    Hooti is the best brand for concentrates easily. I love the real weed terpenes they reintroduce into the distillate for added affects. I’m in love with this product.

  7. michael.galster (verified owner)

    Looking for a smooth, quality, tasty product that will satisfy your Distillate Desires – Hooti Extracts can get you there for a reasonable price. Support this company 100%

  8. davidbelliveau923 (verified owner)

    If I could rate Hooti extracts higher than 5 stars I would in a heartbeat. Always super strong potency, as expected packaging is super sick. Dope ass products as always.

  9. Zagz92 (verified owner)

    great products always from hooti

  10. Shiloff13 (verified owner)

    worth the price for what you get

  11. cdath1987 (verified owner)

    Just found this on site and have ordered 3 times in a week now. lol. Great products from Hooti

  12. lucb31 (verified owner)

    First order with herb approach, and I’m very satisfied, fast shipping, well package, completive pricing, great product quality, I use it in a vape pen, the one I’ve tried tasted really good, I Will order again

  13. pattymcmillan7 (verified owner)

    Excellent product and a amazing price!

  14. macintyre1980 (verified owner)

    Excellent Vape. A little thick for refilling cartridges. I wish Hooti sold a refillable vape cartridge so I could buy these and fill them myself.

  15. mrssaugacook (verified owner)

    These syringes are my favourite. Before I had Hooti cartridges or batteries, I would buy these syringes to refill my pyro and keyy cartridges. I boil water and pour it into a tea cup. I let the syringes sit in the tea cup to warm them up without damaging the syringe. Then they fill any cartridge or container easily.

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