LA Confidential

THC 20-25%CBD 0-1%

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Experience what LA tokers are raving about by trying LA Confidential yourself! Not only is it popular among the masses, but this strain is a hit even among celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill.


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LA Confidential Strain Information

Dominated by 90% Indica, LA Confidential is an almost pure Indica strain that’s on a popularity surge. It resulted from the experimentations made in a Southern Californian lab, and became a cross between two heavy Indica’s, namely Afghani and OG LA Affie. By looking at its composition, one may call this strain a hybrid. However, anyone who has smoked a joint knows its Indica-effects are so powerful that it wouldn’t be wrong to call it a pure Indica strain.

Originating from the vibrant and lively city of Los Angeles, California, this cannabis is nothing like its birth city. Contrastingly, it is known for inducing a heavy relaxation buzz. Hence, it’s most suitable for after-hours use when you’re all set to crash. Not only is it popular among the masses, but the LA Confidential strain is a hit even among celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill.


LA Confidential is known to have a pungent aroma. Just take a whiff of the pot and experience your sense of smell tickled by a mix of sweet and spicy notes. Of course, like any other Indica strain, this weed also has the skunky smell with hints of earthy notes.


Surprisingly, the flavor is quite the opposite of its skunky smell. This is why the aroma is often considered “misleading.” Don’t let the pungent smell of this Indica strain put you off. With every puff, you’ll be surprised that LA Confidential has an earthy yet sweet pine flavor that’ll leave your taste buds wanting more. Usually, you’ll enjoy a sweet chocolate-like flavor as you inhale, then a spicy, earthy flavor kicks in as you exhale.


LA Confidential is adorned with beautiful neon-lime green buds that will entice any pothead into trying this strain. The addition of tiny purple leaves and orange hairs all the more makes this cannabis plant a stunner. The buds and flowers are further covered in crystal-like trichomes, which signify the strain’s high contents of THC.

LA Confidential Strain Effects

Also known as Confidential OG or simply Confidential, LA Confidential is becoming more popular by the day among recreational and medicinal cannabis users. Using this strain will have you experiencing a high that is both calming and a little psychedelic on your body and mind. This sedating strain has a reputation for its physical healing benefits when it comes to medical effects. Many medical cannabis patients use LA Confidential for dealing with restlessness and insomnia. However, make sure to consume this strain in mild doses as it is heavily sedative. The recreational effects include relaxation and inducing sleep.

THC Content

20- 25%

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Experience what LA tokers are raving about by buying yourself this highly potent cannabis online! A well-rounded strain, the LA Confidential weed can lull you to sleep on sleepless nights and even treat acute pain in your body. Just don’t take this bad boy lightly, though. It’s highly potent and sedative, and you sure don’t want to blaze it up on a busy Tuesday.