Lindsay OG

THC 21-23%CBD 0-1%

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With 26% THC, enjoy the couch locking effect and waves of euphoria. Named after the town, Lindsay, Ontario, advanced smokers will love Lindsay OG, as it’s a staff and patient favourite.


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Lindsay OG Strain Information

If you’re looking for stress and pain relief, and long rejuvenating sleep, then this indica (40% sativa /60% indica) is for you. Lindsay OG is both a Karma Cup and Cannabis in Canada Society award winning strain. This indica-dominant strain was entered in favor of the Cannabis in Canada Society where it placed 2nd among British Columbia’s finest strains. It was also entered in the Karma Cup of 2015 where it took first place in the best indica in Canada category.

This strain is euphoric yet sedative and will knock you out. This high THC, indica-dominant strain has taken a new Canadian craft-grown identity while maintaining the reputation of its Cali heritage.

With up to 21-23% THC, expect sedative, couch-locking effects and waves of bliss and happiness.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Lindsay OG boasts a green lush coupled with orange hues dotting the leaves. On a first glance, you’d think this was a run of the mill strain but you’d be mistaken.

Look forward to a deep earthy and pungent taste with hints of pine and diesel. This strain’s bud structure is extremely dense and is marinated in gassy, fruity terpenes. Named after the town, Lindsay, Ontario, advanced smokers will love Lindsay OG, as it’s a staff and patient favourite.

Lindsay OG Kush is an excellent strain for stress and pain due to its high THC content. The powerful strain can sometimes be too powerful for the novice smoker as its couch locking effect and waves of euphoria can put you into a deep slumber. But, if you’re a seasoned smoker, you will appreciate Lindsay OG as it’s a medical marijuana favourite!

Having said that, you can still use this strain during that day for when you intend to relax at home, do chores or other low-stress activities that don’t require a tonne of focus! In addition, patients can use Lindsay OG to treat headaches, nausea and chronic pain. If you suffer from insomnia, this strain will allow you to quickly fall into a deep and rejuvenating sleep.

Lindsay OG Medical Benefits

Stress, Pain, Insomnia, Depression

18 reviews for Lindsay OG

  1. keeldvrs

    Really enjoyed this strain, would definitely recommend. Made us laugh quite a bit but was also a very chill and enjoyable high.

  2. Yordop

    Very nice strain. Would definitely try again!

  3. tripaces420

    Like the user aP said below this post, I too found this to be a creeper strain. Strong kushy smell, nice burn, got it on sale so was even nicer. Bought another Oz of it this morning & just finished smoking a J of it on my porch

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