Master Tuna

THC 22-24%CBD 0-1%

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Master Tuna is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic Master Kush and Tuna Kush strains.


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Master Tuna Strain Information

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, but there’s only one Master Tuna strain! Also known as Master Tuna Kush, this strain is anything but fishy. An indica dominant hybrid cultivated by crossing Master Kush with Tuna, Master Tuna is a potent strain that packs a punch. With a THC content approaching 23%, this strain’s relaxing, sedative effects will have you screaming “oh my cod.” Perfect for dealing with stress, arthritis, insomnia, and general pain, this budget bud option is designed to help you relax with its spicy yet citrusy flavour. Don’t miss this catch of the day!

7 reviews for Master Tuna

  1. jordandking1990

    Taste and smell were fantastic. The high was great as well and would definitely buy again. 4/5 stars only because the buds were a bit dry and had broken down quite a bit but overall was great.

  2. jordandking1990

    Great smell and taste. The high was exactly what I hoped and I would definitely buy again. 4/5 stars as it was a bit leafy and buds had broken down quite a bit but didn’t effect anything.

  3. BBZEN

    I love it ! Very nice high, amazing looking, frost frost on almost black leaves… don’t smell much like tuna though, no rotting, more like kush delicious smell

  4. adamblacoe

    I personally like the bluefin tuna a lot better. This stuff was pretty good bud, gets me nice and stoned it just has a lot of leafs and a lot of stems in it to pick out

  5. Purpthemiracle

    Nice looking buds nice smell, kinda dry but the main problem is that it got lots of sticks in it if you don’t like smoking sticks like me then your gonna spend lots Of time picking them out of every bud the smoke isn’t too bad tho flavor is just ok.

  6. cdath1987

    Great stuff, Buds were a bit underwhelming and airy. But overall a nice night time treat before bed. Would order again at the right price for sure. But the buds being a bit airy and leafy is why im giving a rare 4/5

  7. tripaces420

    Nice buds!! Medium size nugs Covered in trichomes but just a tad leafy & that’s why 4/5. Taste great, burns lovely, nice nighttime strain to relax with. Will purchase again

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