Papaya Cake

THC 21-24%CBD 0-1%

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What’s better than Wedding Cake and Papaya? How about Papaya Cake? An indica dominant hybrid, Papaya cake is serving up tropical experiences that are equally invigorating and relaxing. Offering 21-24% potency on average, this tropical strain is perfect for all users.  


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Papaya Cake Strain Information

Papaya Cake is the tropical strain you need in your stash box today. The love child between Papaya and Wedding Cake, this flower is an indica dominant strain that’s perfect for indica lovers. Looking for a smoking experience that’s terpene-focused while still offering some potency? This is the strain is for you. Tropically inspired with 21-24% potency on average, this strain delivers a sweet, papaya-centric smoke with hints of sweet cake and sour citrus. Its flavour profile is sure to leave an impression! As an indica hybrid, this flower delights tokers with a refreshing yet soothing high that will have you saying “aloha” before you know it!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Papaya Cake is an indica dominant hybrid famous for its flavourful and tropical terpene profile. While this strain is a cross between the Papaya and Wedding Cake strains, Papaya Cake somehow takes on an appearance and flavour profile that’s uniquely it’s own. Like cake itself, the buds for this strain are dense and stocky. The leaves are a light-forest green and have papaya-coloured pistils popping throughout the surface. A thick layer of kief covers the entire nug, almost making it look like a frosted cake!

When you finally get your hands on this tropical bud, you’ll be saying “aloha” right away. Out of the bag, notes of papaya and exotic fruits hit your nose. Cakey sweetness coupled with citrus accents the aroma and leaves your taste buds salivating. While this strain is undoubtedly sweet, the strain also has a slight pungency that will surprise tokers after the fact. The smoke is thick and wispy and will coat the tongue in the most delightful way. When it comes to Papaya Cake’s flavour, you have to experience it to truly appreciate it!

Finally, we move onto the high itself. This strain offers its users a great high that’s simultaneously relaxing and invigorating. While the flavours elevate you to a higher level, the high acts to bring you down in a gentle and easy way. The high begins with a calming effect. From the first hit onwards, you’ll want to kick your feet up and take a load off your shoulders. A few minutes after the first toke, you’ll feel a euphoric rush as your head moves into a happier space. Cerebrally stimulating, this strain will free you of any stressful or worrying thoughts. A short while later, the body high will take hold and serve to lightly sedate you. When these effects are combined with this strains potency rating, you’ll be riding a wave unlike any other!

Papaya Cake Medical Benefits

Insomnia Relief, Nausea, Anxiety, Stress

11 reviews for Papaya Cake

  1. beachbunny

    Really nice bud and a really enjoyable high

  2. HerbReproach

    Nice taste, little too dry, definitely worth picking up on a daily deal!

  3. codysawyer_07

    Nice to start the day off. Great, invigorating high to start and a light sedation will follow. I found I was less susceptible to couch lock with this strain which is nice when you want to chill but still get stuff done. Highly recommend!

  4. westcoastswag

    This one wasn’t for me in terms of smell or taste but I did like the way it helped my nausea not too long after smoking it.


    Wow what a strain. Huge nugs! Hard hitting with a nice fruity taste. Get it. Love it!

  6. tony4256

    Another amazing indica !Nice pungent sweet smell ,Beautiful buds covered with a heavy coat of THC , awesome taste, and very euphoric buzz .

  7. petethepimp_11

    Beautiful looking buds coated with thc. Papaya is one of my favourites, add the wedding cake and it is amazingly tasty.

  8. niaangel

    It’s a nice high. Not too heavy on the high. Great for the day. The buds are huge and easy to roll.

  9. tripaces420

    Nice wake and bake strain! Just smoked a joint out back, feeling energized & happy. Smells great! Chunky thick buds with purple hues and a grape/papaya flavour to boot. Recommend

  10. chadmcneilly

    Not bad for the price on sale,little bit of flavor,doesn’t burn bad.Decent buzz.

  11. BBZEN

    Awesome strain ! Genetrics are fire, and it have a papaya smell to it.
    High and burning are great. Nice strain !

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