White Castle

THC 17-19%CBD 0-1%

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Fantastic for combating pain and stress, the sweet strawberry flavors of this strain produce a social and uplifting high with couch-lock effects. With THC levels up to 17-19%, this hybrid comes on with a rush of happiness and an increase in sociability that leaves you chatty and outgoing.


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White Castle is a Hybrid that’s a cut above the rest. What more can you ask for from a strain? It makes the worst of days feel like a walk through the park. You start waving at every person that walks by with a sense of pride in your step — smiling from ear to ear with energy that lasts for days.

White Castle makes the days of slugging around with a negative energy a thing of the past.

White Castle is a cross between the infamous White Widow and a strain called “Ice.” Being a descendant of White Widow is a heavy burden to live up to, but this strain does it beautifully.


Taking a single glance at White Castle is enough to piece together, it’s a crossbreed of White Widow. The tight, dense bud structure is characteristic of its parentage, along with it’s lighter hue.

It’s hard to mention White Castle without bringing up the tiny burgers made famous by Harold and Kumar. You may plow back a couple of handfuls of them after a session, but this strain tastes nothing like bread and beef. Surprisingly enough, the flower produces a strawberry palate that’s sweet and light. Burning a joint of White Castle fills the room with the scent of the strawberry pie finishing the oven.

White Castle Effects + Benefits

There’s nothing worse than wasting a day from fatigue. A world full of excitement waits outside, but the only thing you can manage is crawling to the couch for a binge of Netflix. How fun, another day of Office and Friends re-runs with a side of Skip the Dishes.

Not with White Castle in tow. From the moment the vapour or smoke enters the bloodstream, a surge of uplifting energy blossoms. This is soon followed by an uncontrollable smile and a fit of laughter. It’s the type of strain that begs for good company.

As the energy settles down, the mood stays elevated. With the elevated mood comes a serious body stone. Some may note the desire to chill out, but it’s alleviated by simply moving around.

With its euphoric stone, White Castle is often used to alleviate depression. In larger doses, sedation and relaxation are common, which may lead to reducing insomnia. Some also experience a rush of focus at the beginning that helps ease the symptoms of ADD/ADHD.

Want to be the King and Queen of your castle? Try yours today and let the next and best chapter in your life begin.

Up to 17-19% THC


Flavours: Sweet, Citrus, Berry

Effects: Euphoric, Relaxed, Happy, Sleepy, Dry Eyes

Medical Uses: Pain, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Lack of Appetite

72 reviews for White Castle

  1. BudHole22

    Good but a little harsh for the weaklings like me

  2. codysawyer_07

    One of my favourite strains I’ve tried to date. Great uplifting effects that settle down for a decent “body high”. I don’t find it couch locks you which is nice. Great strain for a social outing!

  3. pelehoscrystal

    Great cannabis

  4. sbcexperts

    Smells like Christmas oranges! Perfect for the season!

  5. goneill76

    not bad. between 3 and 4 stars (if you don’t mind pepper)
    this is/was one of my go to strains. I don’t think this is what I got. it does the trick, but it has a terrible pepper taste. doesn’t taste anything like strawberry or any fruit, and smells more peppery than anything else. it was labelled correctly. compared to the pictures, what I got is darker, and not nearly as much “white/crystal” cover.
    I might try again in the future if it’s on sale, but the strong pepper taste is a huge turnoff, so it will be a while.

  6. Pfkiks

    Enjoyed this. Solid bud

  7. keep1rolled

    This that good shit. Has a very dank taste. Pretty classic effects

  8. tony4256

    A cross between Ice and White Widow, you can taste both in a high quality ; So much THC all over the nice buds and it’s such a nice smell and taste. Good stuff for daytime smoking.

  9. Happy!

    Great with burgers and fries.

  10. goneill76

    this batch is pretty good. almost 4.5 stars.

  11. timorellen

    Never been to White Castle but sure like to smoke it. Very good strain.

  12. Stoner

    Perfect relaxation bud !
    A very happy smoke , the smell and look is particular. Very smooth but strong medicine!

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