Brooklyn Mango

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Coming at you straight out of NYC’s most popular borough is Brooklyn Mango! This sativa-dominant hybrid has everything you need to enjoy the city come day or night. Deliciously tropical with an earthy and gassy finish, this strain delivers euphoria, energy and sociability like no other strain. With 18-21% THC on average, this strain is able to be enjoyed by tokers of all skill levels!


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Brooklyn Mango Strain Information

Brooklyn is known for its bridge, its pizza and its weed! Coming straight out of NYC’s most populous borough, Brooklyn Mango is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that’s sure to please. Energetic, euphoric and great for socializing, Brooklyn Mango’s tropical and diesel-like flavour will have you pining for more!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Combining the likes of Ed Rosenthal Super Bud with NYC Diesel, Brooklyn Mango is an NYC classic. Originally bred in Spain, this strain has made a name for itself in New York’s most populous borough. A sativa-dominant hybrid, Brooklyn Mango offers a little bit of something for everyone. While its crowd-pleasing flavour is a definite draw, its effects are also incredibly appealing. Additionally, its lower THC content of 18-21% makes it an accessible choice for tokers of all skill levels!

To begin, we’ll start with its appearance. While this strain is a sativa, you’ll have a hard time knowing it based on appearances alone. This strain’s nugs are chunky and large. Fluffly, light-coloured and visually stunning, you can see where its tropical name comes from! Amber pistils and a layer of frosty trichomes dot this strain’s surface, encouraging you to come in closer for a sniff!

Secondly, the smell – simply amazing. As its name suggests, this strain is all about the tropics. You’ll smell a strong mango aroma paired with other tropical fruits undercut by hints of diesel and earth. The contrast between city-diesel and tropical fruit is just one of Brooklyn Mango’s appeals! While the aroma is incredibly tropical, its taste is incredibly gassy. On the exhale, hints of sweet earthiness and tropical fruit help undercut the strong gas-like flavour.

Finally, we come to the effects. Energetic, euphoria-inducing and sociability-increasing, this strain has everything you need to enjoy a day out in the city. Effects begin with a fast rush to the head causing ripples of energy and euphoria to course throughout your body. However, once the initial rush settles down, you’ll feel ready to socialize and laugh like nobody’s business. With its long-lasting effects and accessible THC potency, this strain is perfect for medicinal patients as well.

Brooklyn Mango Medical Benefits

Chronic Fatigue, Deperssion, Headaches, Insomnia

15 reviews for Brooklyn Mango

  1. figplum

    So uplifting! One of my favourites.

  2. bittersweetlittlesassy

    Taste great, amazing high to watch movies with S/O or friends!

  3. bittersweetlittlesassy

    Taste great, amazing high to watch movies

  4. daniela

    This strain is very fun to smoke in groups

  5. ALooch

    Not bad for a great deal!

  6. Gabriel

    Good deal good weed

  7. BudHole22

    A lovely everyday strain, love it day or night!

  8. pelehoscrystal

    Just got my purchase and yummy 5 🌟

  9. CowboyJ

    I’d say very comparable to the mango haze. Smooth smoke and uplifting high! Will be ordering again!

  10. menacebusiness103

    Was better than mango lol

  11. pelehoscrystal

    Not bad..5 🌟

  12. pelehoscrystal

    Enjoyed this strain, not bad for budget buds

  13. candiceschick

    I really like this strain, one of my favourites

  14. rampcontroller

    amazing strain… what a deal…thanks HA

  15. menacebusiness103

    Hopefully better than regular mango

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