Mendocino Purps

THC 18-20%CBD 0-1%

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Stress? What stress? With Mendocino Purps, you can mellow out with the best of them! Feel all the stress and tension leave your body as you settle into an ultimate state of relaxation. Pair this with a burst of euphoria? Yes, please! With Mendocino Purps, your worries are a thing of the past!


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Mendocino Purps Strain Information

Mendocino Purps is a legend in its own right! You may also hear it called Mendo Purps or even just The Purps. This strain is an indica-dominant hybrid. Its iconic status is well-deserved. Mendocino Purps took home the winning title at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2007 and 2009! It receives its name from its home turf, Mendocino County in Northern California. Mendocino Purps is a back-cross of a pure landrace USA Indica, but its parent strains are unknown. Sometimes, the magic is in the mystery! This sentiment is certainly true for Mendocino Purps.

Looking for an effective strain to mellow your body and engage your mind? Mendocino Purps is where it’s at!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Mendocino Purps is a love at first sight type of strain! It has densely packed dark green buds. Pretty bright orange pistils stick their way out. During its flowering stage, the leaves take on a beautiful purple colour. This feature is one of the reasons behind the ‘Purps’ part of Mendocino Purps.

The love doesn’t stop at its looks. The Mendocino Purps smell will make your heart skip a beat! This strain has a strong, earthy aroma with notes of pine. Fragrant notes of coffee and caramel will also draw you in and make your mouth water. While its odour is pleasant, the flavour is more refreshing in taste! This hybrid has a delicious nutty flavour that comes from a blend of berry and coffee notes. This combination is sure to intrigue and delight your senses!

First things first, Mendocino Purps is a potent strain! Its THC levels range from 18-20%. With this in mind, it should only be used on a lazy day or at night when there’s nothing else to do. Beginners should note that this hybrid will likely have them glued to their couch. You might also want to have some snacks handy. This strain is notorious for inciting a rabid case of the munchies! That said, the desire for food may not overpower the desire to stay on the couch. So, make sure you come prepared ahead of time! This strains high comes on with both mental and physical effects. You might feel an increased sense of focus, too. Soon enough, this will fade, and the sedative properties of this dank bud will take over.

The full-body high will motivate you to relax and release any built-up tension. Mendocino Purps also comes with a wave of happy euphoria. As the effects sink in, besides feeling hungry, you’ll also feel sleepy.

Mendocino Purps also has several medical uses. Its relaxing qualities make it great for insomnia. Its physical effects can also help with pain and nausea. This dank bud also brings on the munchies. This effect is practical for appetite loss. Its uplifting effects can also help with stress, anxiety and depression.

Mendocino Purps Medical Benefits 

Insomnia, Pain, Nausea, Appetite Loss, Stress, Anxiety, Depression

23 reviews for Mendocino Purps

  1. shane.j.riley.86

    I had to mix it with another strain however I found it a good for a night time smoke just before bed.

  2. Yordop

    Awesome flavour with this strain! Would definitely buy again

  3. jordandking1990

    The buds looked awesome but that was about the extent of this strain. Effects were ok but it continually went out when smoking until I had to mix it with another strain just to keep it going.

  4. Pete lafeet

    Great bud tried it on my sec last order ,smokes nice good taste, smoke it all ,ya I like lol

  5. tercar1.6

    All round good flavor and smell just hard to stay lit.

  6. tercar1.6

    This is one of my favorite good taste with great aroma 2 thumbs up.

  7. estee-63

    The purple is just a beautiful flower 🌼

  8. ncsiding

    Pretty much exactly as pictured and described. Tight buds, decent taste and works well.

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