Pink Rockstar

THC 24-26%CBD 0-1%

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Get the rockstar treatment with Pink Rockstar! This indica-dominant hybrid will make you forget all your stress and worries. Feel all the tension leave your body as your mood rises to new heights. Pink Rockstar will have you feeling like a pampered celebrity after just a couple of puffs!


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Pink Rockstar Strain Information

Fan-girl hard over Pink Rockstar! This indica-dominant hybrid is a growing legend in its own right. It’s the celebrity love child of parent strains Pink Kush and Rockstar Kush. This strain adheres to the rockstar lifestyle of living hard and fast. It’s as potent as it is pungent. With its euphoric headrush and sedating body high, Pink Rockstar is sure to rock your world!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Like all rockstars, Pink Rockstar has celebrity-level good looks! Its nugs are minty green and tightly packed. As its name suggests, it also has beautiful bright pink undertones. Wiry orange hairs poke out from beneath the buds. To add to its pink appeal, this strain also has a coating of crystal pink-tinted trichomes. There’s no denying this strain’s eye-catching bag appeal!

The Pink Rockstar smell is positively pungent! Breaking apart that sticky, sparkly nugs releases a fragrance of fresh sweet woods. Notes of spicy floral scents come wrapped up in a spicy diesel overtone. Although, this strain’s flavour is on the lighter side. It has a spicy, flowery taste accented by both fresh woody pine and earthy flavours.

The Pink Rockstar high is just as beautiful as its looks, smell and taste. In every sense, this strain supplies the rockstar package! Its effects are like a warm, comforting blanket for the mind and soul. Your worries and stress will melt away only to be replaced by a blissful and uplifting euphoria. Stressed? Not anymore! Bad mood? Forget about it! This strain supplies a calming sensation that you’ll feel from head to toe. Consequently, this feeling of being totally at ease will slowly lead you to become couch-locked.

As you enjoy this sleepy haze, you’ll start to feel your eyelids grow heavy. Soon enough, the total relaxation will take over, and you’ll be dozing off before you know it! With this in mind, it’s best to save Pink Rockstar for nighttime use. It might not be the type of rockstar to stay up all night, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Besides, the soothing mental and physical properties of Pink Rockstar have several medical uses. For instance, its uplifting euphoria is great for combatting stress. These mood-boosting properties can also help with symptoms of depression and anxiety. This strain’s heavily sedating physical properties are also excellent for treating pain. Finally, its tranquillizing qualities lead many users to use this strain to treat insomnia.

Pink Rockstar Medical Benefits 

Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Pain, Muscle Spasms, Insomnia

49 reviews for Pink Rockstar

  1. jmer54321

    I enjoyed this strain very much from the time I opened the bag until I ran out lol nice smooth smoke great looking buds

  2. egonbenway

    Quality genetics for sure.
    The grow was good.
    Indica leaning hydrid with that signature grapey kush flavour.

  3. codysawyer_07

    Great strain to smoke if you’re looking to shut your mind off and just mellow out. Melts stress away and replaces with uplifting euphoria!

  4. jackie.got.tallant

    Very enjoyable smell, taste and high.

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