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With 19% THC, Headband is a fantastic recreational strain, a dream come true for recreational and medicinal users alike. If it’s not in your repertoire, what are you waiting for?


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Nothing beats a potent cannabis strain. If you didn’t already know, Headband is as potent as it gets.

Headband is an elite Hybrid cannabis strain for many reasons. For starters, it’s a crossbreed between OG Kush, Sour diesel and Master Kush. Now that’s what you call a royal family! Each one of the former strains is heavy-hitting Indica’s, all with their unique attributes. Although the crossbred strains are fantastic in their regard, it doesn’t mean combining them works.

Pancakes, sour kraut and oranges are great, put them in a blender, and it’s another story.

Lucky for us, the headband trifecta is a match made in heaven.


Headband’s bud structure is a little different from most weed strains. Usually, you’d see the small nuggets and think of “popcorn,” which is the smaller buds fallen from the cola, but this is Headband for ya.

Appearance-wise, the small and dense buds are light, but not neon green, topped with dark orange hairs. What’s most notable is the almost shiny look from the THC crystals, looking like its frosted in sugar.

Tastewise, Headband’s right there with the very best. Its creamy smoke fills the mouth with a hint of tangy lemon. Not so citrusy, it’s like biting into a lemon, but just enough. On the exhale, its diesel lineage comes to play, with a gassy aftertaste.

Headband Effects + Benefits

Fun fact time – Headband isn’t named after headgear, it’s from the pressure applied to the scalp after smoking. Once the pressure starts to build, it seeps into your head and starts to gently massage the brain. Good luck finding a masseuse that will do that for you.

From the second cannabinoids explore the bloodstream, imagination blossoms. Like a poet has his pen, and an artist their brush, whichever tool you possess becomes an extension of your being.

Spreading down your body, a strong buzz fills the skin and puts your hairs on end. You might even experience a feeling similar to reaching the top of a roller coaster, minus the fear of falling.

Sedation follows the surge of euphoria, known as couch lock. Yet, those with a higher tolerance or when used in moderation may not feel this effect. Instead, they’ll be like the Pink Floyd song, comfortably numb.

For all intents and purposes, Headband is a fantastic recreational strain. Its buzz is from another world, but medicinal use may even be more beneficial. Its high THC content benefits the likes of insomniacs, reducing their sleepless nights. As well, pain from lingering injuries or strenuous work fades away, releasing muscle tension. As for mental conditions, euphoria minimizes the severity of depression, anxiety, and stress. The headband is a simple, hard-working strain. If you’re feeling down, it’ll turn that frown right around.

Headband is a dream come true for recreational and medicinal users alike. If it’s not in your stash, what are you waiting for?

Up to 17-25% THC


Flavours: Earthy, Diesel, Pungent

Effects: Happy, Relaxed, Euphoric, Uplifted, Tingly

Medical Benefits: Stress, Pain, Depression, Headaches, Fatigue

43 reviews for Headband

  1. Thisistim (verified owner)

    Good not great

  2. justinpeck27 (verified owner)

    Good stuff. I liked it

  3. jkaztak (verified owner)

    No joke, there are moments of headband confusion! Sense of cranial wrapping. Had to touch my forehead a number of times to be sure there was no headband lol
    Great strain!

  4. Anthony (verified owner)

    I’m surprised at how focused the head high is on this. Headband indeed! Sublime pressure behind the eyes. Love it!

  5. effofffb (verified owner)

    One of my new favourite strains…possible of all time! Smells like citrus and diesel and a few tokes in, you’ll feel motivated and actually want to do boring-ass adulting level shit. Laundry? Check. Cleaning? Check. Tight muscles? These will loosen and you’ll be grinning and dancing while blasting tunes and making dinner.

  6. Mbhydro (verified owner)

    Worked well

  7. echomcdaban (verified owner)

    I really tried too enjoy this strain, but I feel like it might have been a bad batch. I was really hoping it would have a hint of lemon but it’s just pungently flavours. Every time I smoked a large bowl it would make me feel very nauseous as well. But some strains aren’t for everyone ??‍♀️

  8. breacee (verified owner)

    One of my absolute favourites, it truly is like a headband and couchlocks you wherever you are

  9. Staylifted21 (verified owner)

    Great stuff

  10. Scott Dalzell (verified owner)

    Great taste, burns nice

  11. aybreezy (verified owner)

    Great quality. Good sized nugs. Smokes fairly easy. Good for relaxing and winding down.

  12. tianomar (verified owner)

    Very good!

  13. Arwcwb (verified owner)

    A smooth and potent smoke with a balanced mind body effect
    Amazingly I really do feel like I am wearing a headband after some.hoots

    According to my yoga research that sensation is your crown chakra activating.

  14. Rhee (verified owner)

    Great great for headaches I’m such a fan of this

  15. StrangerBanger (verified owner)

    Nice sized nugz , good smoke . Loved the high

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