Jack Frost

THC 20-23%CBD 0-1%

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While Christmas only comes once a year, there’s never a wrong time to enjoy some Jack Frost! Trust us when we say that this is one special sativa-dominant hybrid. It’s widely known for its mood-boosting euphoria. In other words, get ready to be stoked on life like never before!


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Jack Frost Strain Information

With Jack Frost, it’s like Christmas day is every day! This sensational sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross of Northern Lights #5 and White Widow. If you’re wondering where the “Jack” in Jack Frost comes in, it once belonged to Jack Herer. This strain was initially a member of the love triangle but eventually fell out in favour of the other two. Oh well. It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all! With uplifting euphoria and a burst of energy, Jack Frost is an ideal bud to share with your buds!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

One look at Jack Frost, and it’ll feel like Christmas has come early! Jack Frost is a beautiful green plant. It’s as fluffy like the snow on Christmas morning! Orange hairs poke their way throughout the light green buds. The cherry on top comes in the form of glistening trichomes that cover the buds from head to toe. 

While the initial smell of this sativa-dominant hybrid is a little weird, trust us. It’ll grow on you! It has a strong fragrance of sour lemon that will fill any room. The most dominant scents are a blend of skunk and pine. Jack Frost also smells of earthy citrus and will leave a sweet-smelling cloud in the room long after the sesh is over. Jack Frost is known for its ninja-like qualities. In this sense, the flavour doesn’t suddenly burst but builds. This hybrid has a sweet and earthy flavour but lacks pine in its taste. Users can expect a strong lemony aftertaste that lasts long after the exhale. 

Like its ninja-like flavour qualities, this strain’s effects channel a “slow and steady wins the race” approach. You may be sitting for a few minutes wondering when it’ll kick in. Then, suddenly BAM! A wave of euphoria like you’ve never experienced before. 

In fact, Jack Frost is known to produce one of the most uplifting experiences in the wonderful world of weed! After this initial rush of positive energy, users can expect a boost of creativity. With these energizing effects, it’s a fantastic daytime strain. These qualities also make it a perfect social strain. This strain will have you grinning from ear to ear! As the euphoria creeps to an all-time high, a calming relaxation takes over. Your tense muscles will release, and all your frustrations and worries will fade away. 

Medically speaking, Jack Frost is just as useful! With its uplifting euphoria, it’s a great strain for anxiety, depression and stress. This hybrid is also helpful in reducing chronic pain and migraines.

Jack Frost Medical Benefits 

Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Pain, Migraines

8 reviews for Jack Frost

  1. salesse-2915

    One of my favorites on the site, great sativa, really frosty, great high and would recommend

  2. ncsiding

    A little fruity taste on the inhale with an earthy skunky exhale. Nice big fluffy buds that woke me up and got me movin

  3. clarewilson25

    Great strain- need to repurchase. Found it really helpful for getting some errands down after work and then as the effects change, roll into relaxation mode with a good a TV show and cosy blanket.

  4. b.matteucci98

    This was AMAZING got me an my fiancé so stoned definitely a strain that messes ya right up great sativa though!

  5. s_thagard

    Delicious very focused and relaxed

  6. kgayle765

    Really nice! Kept me in the mood to be creative

  7. MistaFlush

    Delicious! Nice buzz. Love this strain.

  8. mandy_emily

    Shared with my family over christmas…everyone was pumped about it…nice buds..busts up nice smells and tastes awesome..love how fast my orders come!?

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